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  1. Steve Booth

    My outdoor desert Sarracenia (attempt)

    Where in 15 gallon tree pots, I use exactly the same sort of system, but without the scotch guard pad, which is a good idea. I only remove the low bung in winter. Cheers Steve
  2. Steve Booth

    My outdoor desert Sarracenia (attempt)

    They do grow very hot in the wild, but there is a huge, generally wet, thermal mass underneath them to moderate the heat to the roots and rhizome somewhat. If you can keep a reasonable water level in the pot that will definitely help, together with the shade. I am interested to see how it goes...
  3. Steve Booth

    My outdoor desert Sarracenia (attempt)

    Looks well at the moment, the heat of the summer will tell I guess, but it should be good. I know nothing of the actions of bunnies or squirrels on plant attacks, other than to say over here in the UK the squirrels don't bother with them and there isn't a rabbit for miles. Is the plant to the...
  4. Steve Booth

    When to plant Sarracenia?

    Judging by those temperatures, if the plants have been outside and are accclimated, any time between now and April will be fine. Cheers Steve
  5. Steve Booth

    Pond water level to bog pot soil level

    As a rule you will need a minimum of 2/3rds of the pot above the water level, to a maximum depth of 4" or so. any deeper and the soil below the water level won't get any oxygen which will effectively form a no-go area for roots and if the pond is stagnant can form an anaerobic level. Cheers Steve
  6. Steve Booth

    Is this S. minor?

    Agreed more like @Bug Bat' certainly not a minor Okeefenokee. Cheers Steve
  7. Steve Booth

    Ailing Darlingtonia Diagnosis

    Whats the medium? sphagnum and bark chips? Has the pot got holes in? At 90F it shouldn't cause problems if its wet enough. But I have to say it does look like its collapsing. Cheers Steve
  8. Steve Booth

    Repotting mature flytrap in June?

    Yep, I saw the CPUK post too, it is the best option. Cheers Steve
  9. Steve Booth

    Repotting mature flytrap in June?

    You are almost bound to get some setback, the plant looks fine and isn't too overcrowded. You could wait till dormancy to get the max out of the plant this year. Cheers Steve
  10. Steve Booth

    how to tell if Sarracenia is dead

    Plants often make phyllodes as a last resort to try and keep photosynthesis going with minimum energy output, the plant needs to make more energy than it expends. However, it looks like it is a gonner I'm afraid. The rhizome looks dead (brown, and corky), lift the rhizome and look to see if it...
  11. Steve Booth

    Drosera Regia Issues

    OOOerr it does look a bit poorly doesn't it, I would endorse what Andrew has said and suggest that maybe the water level should be kept about 1-2"rather than any deeper as that stops oxygen to the roots. Cheers Steve
  12. Steve Booth

    Whether to fill water in the pitchers of Saracenia "maroon purpurea hybrid with flava

    Maroon is a S. X chesonii which is a purpurea x rubra hybrid and it will need a little water in the pitchers to help the absorption of nutrients, but not filled as they will fall over. A useful yardstick is, if the pitcher opercullums cover the pitcher they are there to keep water out, but if...
  13. Steve Booth

    Water level in mini bog?

    In my mini bogs I drill three hoes, at low, medium and high (say 2” from the top) levels about 3 mm or so and plugged with pieces of wooden skewers, so you can adjust your water levels to suit the weather you are expecting. The low level hole only ever gets openend for winter storage...
  14. Steve Booth

    Oklahoma sarracenia can S. purpurea grow outside all year? What about its hybrids?

    Purpurea var purpurea will be fine but the ssp venosa tend to be less cold tollerant I have found over here in the U.K., you may need to provide protection to those. Cheers Steve
  15. Steve Booth

    Wind Desiccation

    As the air is 0-6C it will be relatively dry and air movement over the plant will cause some water transfer from the plant to the air, if the roots don't replace that lost water then yes it is possible to desiccate the plant. Previous comments are correct, a large constant air movement over the...
  16. Steve Booth

    My new sundews

    They will be fine together for a while, are you intending to keep the Capensis growing or give it dormancy for the VFT? If so they will be fine till dormancy, and you can separate them in spring. As to what it is, you cant be sure till it matures a bit and even then it is not good to give it a...
  17. Steve Booth

    LFS Adventures

    Birds love Sphagnum, particularly during nesting periods but also seem to pull it up for no aparant reason during other times of the year, often taking seedlings nags and small plans with it. Cheers Steve
  18. Steve Booth

    Sarracenia 'Tygo'

    Hi CarnivorSaga The single quotation marks indicate a cultivar status. However there is no cultivar registered with ICPS under that name, although there are a number of sellers, selling it as CV 'Tygo' non that I can see list its parents. It looks to be a flava ornata hybrid from the pictures I...
  19. Steve Booth

    Pitchers With No Dormancy (Non Nep) Indoors?

    I have seen on some forum, some time ago that someone had a windowsill purpurea that had survived indoors for ten years, in London UK, but no conditions were given, it could be it got cold during winter, sufficiently to give it dormancy. For some balance see also para 2 of this also from the...
  20. Steve Booth

    Self watering container

    You can use the planter if you wish but I dont think you will accrue too much gain from it, you can achieve the same effect with a cheaper planter with no holes and put some upturned pots in the bottom with your mix on top. As far as transplanting goes, Sphagnum that has broken down, is peat, I...