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  1. antechron

    My neglected Neps!!

    O.O I want a place that looks like that. I feel like freaking out over just the few I have starting to vine!
  2. antechron

    Nepenthes giveaway for excellent moral standing

    "Help stamp out intolerance." One of the best and funniest things I've read while driving. My own views on this issue are so blurred I can't even see anything but grey. I've had a lot of great opportunities with this. I live in Utah, I love it here don't get me wrong and don't diss my home...
  3. antechron

    Mass's GH's

    those grapes look ... yummy. as always, everything is amazing!
  4. antechron

    Mass's NEW N. macrophylla

    aww, cute little guy... (monster with mean looking teeth.)
  5. antechron

    Mass's GH's

    I love the contrast on the vogelii. and the peristome on the N. veitchii x lowii... awesome! Can't wait till my truncata grows. As always, I love the pics!
  6. antechron

    bit of a growth spurt

    ummm, I'm handicapped with chat and apparently can't quote multiple people... anyway, thanks everyone! I'm just glad to have anything that is looking as well as my Lady Pauline and the others. Rball this is the plant I have labled as thorelli x wittei. I got it from someone who got it from...
  7. antechron

    bit of a growth spurt

    Ok, as I said I would, here are some better pictures. As I was saying, some of my LL plants have really taken off lately even though it is the summer heat and nights only sometimes get to 70*F and days are about 82* yet somehow, things are growing like mad. mass, this is the Eff. Koto that...
  8. antechron

    bit of a growth spurt

    really fast and unattractive post before work... first off this is my eff koto. lady paulina the names are in the pics apparently warm temps are good for growth and bad for pitchering on this inermis... and this, just for fun, is my first real glabrata pitcher. first one partially...
  9. antechron

    Happy Birthday, Mass!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
  10. antechron

    Meadowview Internship 2011

    wow, I love what you've done with those photos!
  11. antechron

    New camera: practice pics

    Awesome mass, the pics look great! I'm glad to finally see the little basals on that lil guy. I wish an aristo BUSH on you! ;)
  12. antechron

    Mass's GH's

    looks great bro, I want to see some pics of the incubation chamber when you get it set up for sure!
  13. antechron

    Feeding your nepenthed fresh blood.

    might I also bring up that his promise that he would update it was never fulfilled. Perhaps he went a bit too far... or since no one cares too much about the rules of such an old thread, maybe his plants got him?
  14. antechron

    Feeding your nepenthed fresh blood.

    Thanks soopaman. I don't know if it is just that this thread was already about feeding blood to your plants or that the thread was dead for like 7 years or what... but this pic in this thread has been making me laugh for quite a while now. sorry dash, I was too late to include yours too!
  15. antechron

    Poop butt fart

    lol gill, I just had good timing... for about the 3rd time in my forum life. ;)
  16. antechron

    Looking for small lowland Neps

    lol my mirabilis stays small for me in a terrarium... but I don't think that is totally normal...
  17. antechron

    Poop butt fart

    Utricularia livida from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1.Copper 2.zlookup 3.Pik 4.antechron Utricularia longifolia 1. Exo 2._ReApEr (I love you, too) 3. zlookup 4. Pik Utricularia tricolor 1. Exo 2.Copper 3.zlookup 4. Pik Utricularia graminifolia Blue Form 1.Copper 2.zlookup 3. Pik...
  18. antechron

    Flowering Sarracenia

    wow, I wish my Sarrs looked like that! I wish I could get enough good water to support so many of them too! They are quite stunning!
  19. antechron

    Ceph rewarding me

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! nightsky - I know, I do too! they come out such a sharp and crisp green color and then they go the nice burgundy color. wolfn - errrr, that is an excellent question. I THINK it is the same as the bag I have labled as (3 peat - 2 silica - 1 fine perlite -...
  20. antechron

    Nepenthes Showcase: crappy final pics

    I was about to ask if you sabotaged it before leaving out of spite... but I guess you didn't need to. :lol: