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    N. x 'Mata Hari' female needs pollen

    Oh really? That's unfortunate, but thank you for letting me know! - Davíd
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    N. x 'Mata Hari' female needs pollen

    My N. x 'Mata Hari' is just now sending up a flower stalk and I would love to be able to make good use of this opportunity. I would be more than willing to go half with whom ever would like to supply the pollen. - David Taylor P.S. preferably in the continental US.
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    Looking for Byblis liniflora seeds - No Longer Available

    Looking for Byblis liniflora seeds Hey y'all. I just rejoined terraforms after about 8 years doing school and whatnot. I managed to keep a good lot of my plants but I never managed to keep any viable B. liniflora seed. Would be much appreciated if I could purchase some off of anyone who has...
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    N. x Gentle

    1. HeliamWalnut -Thanks! 2. Plant#1- Thank you for your generosity 3. Viking - That is a beautiful plant... Thank you 4. Patrickntd - Thank you very much 5. Yuusui - Cool! Thanks! 6. Dmtaylor1024 - wow! Very cool! I really appreciate your generosity