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    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea and Drosera

    Hi, I am looking for an easy to grow, more or less, Genlisea. I prefer the perennial kind. I really don't have anything worth trading so I'm buying. The Genlisea has priority but if you have an easy to grow Drosera, too, that can handle low humidity then let me know. I might be interested in...
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    P. emarginata "Eric Green" developing seeds

    Last summer, again, I put my P. emarginata "Eric Green" on the north side of the house outside. Again the plant is producing seed pods. I still didn't see a pollinator. Years ago before I tried putting it outside I tried selfing the flowers. That didn't work. Apologies if the picture is annoying...
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    Anyone figured out bind weed?

    Somehow this bind weed can grow under sidewalks and plastic with no light and probably little to no water. I removed some decorative rock covering a plastic barrier and cut some slits in the plastic to plant some low water plants. I found vines of bind weed under the plastic. These vines were...
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    Drosera patens gemmae

    I have a few D. patens. I think one of them produced gemmae but I don't see any gemmae on the others. I'm not sure if I missed seeing the gemmae on the other plants because they were launched away or if this one plant is producing gemmae earlier than the others. Or, maybe it isn't a D. patens...
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    Anyone investigated Nicotania?

    I was at someone's house a few days ago and noticed a large plant with flowers that looked nightshade related. I was told the plant is Nicotania. It had several large sticky leaves with a lot of fungus gnats stuck to them. The leaves were sticky but not mucilaginous like a sundew. Has anyone...
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    Bletilla in Zone 5 and Soil

    Has anyone tried growing a Bletilla in zone 5a or in a zone close to that? Zone 5a is -20 F to -15 F. I'm tempted to try growing Bletilla striata and plant it in a flower bed. I see there are some Bletilla sellers that advertise their plants are zone 5. Others say zone 6 or 7- might be natural...
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    Malleola seidenfadenia culture suggestions?

    I recently bought Malleola seidenfadenia from a seller on eBay. The plant isn't doing well. The seller told me the condition of the plant is the result of shipping. I suspect the seller didn't send a healthy and well cultured plant. Anyway, the plant is alive but has only two leaves. It's been...