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    Rolling Raised Bed

    Wow, that is a really nice idea. I could do a lot with something like that, it would really help to be able to move some of my plants around so easily.
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    Quick Cephalotus Questions

    I usually do a couple per pitcher but if you prefer only one that works fine too and I usually don't feed all my pitchers every time, just a few and then a different few a week or two later and so on, that way, if I mess up and over do it, I don't lose too many pitchers. I like to feed my Neps...
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    Quick Cephalotus Questions

    Go with the Betta pellets, they work quite well, better then Maxsea I think, and they are easier to use. Also, the cheap ones work just as well as the more expensive ones so keep that in mind. As to the moss, when my Cephs are small I try to keep the junk moss down but once they are making adult...
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    p. moranensis and medusina for trade

    You know it's funny, P. medusina was really common about 10 years ago, its fairly easy to grow and very prolific but now it's hard to find one for anything like a decent price. Strange.
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    Corn Snakes!

    Yes, I had heard they can be a problem that way, one of the reasons I have hesitated so long, but they sure are purdy.
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    Corn Snakes!

    I have wanted a grey banded for years. I really like those colors!
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    Give Away Mystery utrics

    It would be great to be first.
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    Genlisea subglabra

    Yup, that about covers it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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    Genlisea subglabra

    According to what I've seen and read, yes they should have purple flowers. That said, some of the photos I've seen online don't look very purple to me...
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    VFT With No Dormancy Mentioned on ICPS

    Interesting. Do they flower? If so, when? All at the same time? How much seed and do you know how viable it is?
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    Desktop Terrarium?

    1. Maybe something like this https://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Value-LED-Plant-Light-Bulb-65W-Equivalent-BR30-Shatter-Resistant-1-ct/788148910 2. Computer fans work pretty well. They come in different sizes and are very quite but you have to hook them up yourself so I hope you're handy. 3. I bet...
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    Yes, keep just damp for best results.
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    Overwintering flytraps indoors without uprooting/refrigerating them.

    If it's just all about being curious then by all means proceed, I'm all for scratching an itch, but otherwise, I'm with Grey Moss that's waaaaay to much work.
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    ICPS seed bank query

    Anybody know whats up with the ICPS seed bank? I know its offseason for seeds but man is it low. Is it that nobody is donating? Is membership falling? Anybody got a clue?
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    Drosera regia

    Nice! I was wondering how your regia were doing what with all the heat you've been having over there. It must be awful in the greenhouse. BTW how are the Darlingtonia?
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    Pinguicula gypsicola

    Do you grow those in your greenhouse all year long or do you have some other set up?
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    Sad Heliamphora

    I'm betting on too hot.
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    Sad Heliamphora

    Yup, you have a problem. What media are the in?
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    Carnivores plants on Guam

    Okay, that sounds awful! Yea, as has been said, no way you can grow highlanders. Sorry.
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    Carnivores plants on Guam

    What are the night time temps like?