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    ICPS seed bank query

    Anybody know whats up with the ICPS seed bank? I know its offseason for seeds but man is it low. Is it that nobody is donating? Is membership falling? Anybody got a clue?
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    Pinguicula Pumila

    Anybody know how roughly how long it takes for Pinguicula Pumila seeds to germinate at 75 Fahrenheit? Thanks for the info!
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    Looking For (trade) Pinguicula gigantea or P. agnata for trade

    Looking any of the following: P. esseriana, P. ehlersiae, P. vulgaris and/or P. grandiflora for one P. gigantea or one P. agnata. I'd give up both for a vulgaris or a grandiflora. The gigantea is about 2 inches across and the agnata is flowering size.
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    D. linearis info

    Hi all, I've been growing, or at least trying to grow, linearis for about 8-10 years and I can never get them to come out of dormancy in the spring and/or they die during the winter. I've tried outside, in the fridge, and in a unheated garage, no joy. Anybody manage to get these to survive...
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    Drosera binata winter hardy form. How hardy?

    Does anybody know how winter hardy the winter hardy form of D. binata is that is avalible from the ISCPS seed bank?
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    Anybody heard of this company?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of ordering some seeds from a company called "BotanyCa" but I've never heard/don't know anything about them. Anybody heard anything about it good or bad? Anybody bought any seeds from them? Are these guys legit? It's a Canadian seed company if that helps. Thanks!
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    brevifolia seed info

    Hi all, Quick question about D. brevifolia seed. Basically, I would like to know how cold hardy the seed is. In other words, could the seed survive say a zone 5 winter outside and come up in the spring? I'm thinking no, right? Assuming no, how much cold could the seed from the most northerly...
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    VFTs growing in Wisconsin?

    Some years ago I read a book that claimed Dionaea had been naturalized somewhere in WI. Personally, I find this a bit hard to believe, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if this were true or not? And, on the off chance it is, would you care to share location? Does anyone know where the...
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    D. regia from seed to maturity

    Does anyone know how long it takes a "typical" regia to go from seed to a mature flowering plant in its natural habitat? Is it usually significantly different when the plant is grown "under glass"? Also, I'm wondering if I can store regia pollen in the fridge and, if I can, how long will it last?
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    Tebuconazole, anyone have any problems?

    Anybody use tebuconazole on seeds? The Sarr seeds I treated with this stuff during stratification didn't germinate very well at all. Wondering if my problem might have been the fungicide.
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    Problems with D. filiformis

    Hi all, I am having a little trouble with D. filiformis, all types and verities, and could use some help. It seems I can not get this particular species of Drosera to really get started in the spring. I will usually wind up buying a few in late June or July, pot them up in the usual 50/50 mix...
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    D. regia up for trade

    Hi all, I'm looking for the following: Adult or near adult D. linearis, P. vulgaris and a small (young) N. x tiveyi. These are listed in order of preference. I understand that the linearis and the vulgaris are probably still dormant and that is preferred, especially in the case of the linearis...
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    D. linearis seeds

    Anybody grow these from seed before? I recently received some linearis seeds and was wondering if it is really necessary to stratify them in the fridge for 4 weeks, then in the freezer for 4 months, and then back in the fridge for another 4 weeks? I would like to have these guys ready to go by...