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    Back from the Dead

    If by any chance, anyone here still remembers me, I'm backkkk! :0o: I knew all along I wouldn't be able to quit CPs for long, and here it is just a year and a half later and I'm already looking to scratch an itch. The Nep sub-forum seemed like a good place to start since I visited it most...
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    ultra vigorous?

    Hey all, I'm back! Looking for some good highland or intermediate plants that are good for windowsills. There are so many scientific names that I've forgotten a search isnt helping me much. But I'm thinking I want to get an aristolochiodes and then a few more vigorous plants. The kind that like...
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    he's alive!

    what? who? that's right, lithopsman is back. still alive. in fact, as some of you who were around at the time might remember, I sold off all of my massive collection a while back. Every last bit. So today I was trimming a bonsai tree in my room and planting the cuttings of it. And it got me on a...
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    Huh... aim problem

    Well I use AIM primarily for business, easier to correspond quickly than e-mail, and I am having a very annoying problem... About every 5 minutes it automatically puts up this: OMG LOOK as my away message. I have no idea where it came from and have tried everything to get rid of it. Anyone...
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    Hey guys, I haven't been posting as much, but I still do check in quite often. Project hasn't been going as quickly as hoped, we found a small hurdle in the B.R.A's system, but it should only add about 3 weeks. Anyways, the plants I still have (VFT Pink Venus, N. x Judith Finn, 4 orchids, U...
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    Moving on

    Well guys, I never thought it would be me, but here I am saying it right now: I have to sell the plants. I really need the money, time, and space. I want to thank you all for teaching me and getting me to where I am. At least now some of you can get back some plants that you might not be able...
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    A day in the life...

    Well, Since I left the camera charger out there, and a lot of people have been hearing about it because they are requesting pictures, I figured I might share a little slice of paradise. My ranch is in West Texas on a 76-mile long lake. There is also a lot of land with cattle, which I forgot to...
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    My website!

    Hello all, Just finished my first attempt at a website. Still have lots of species profiles and pictures to add, just tell me what you think and if you find any errors, etc. Thanks, JM My Webpage
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    Nepenthes jacquelineae

    Well, I just noticed that I am closing in on having my jacquelineae for a year! I know a while back that there was a thread where jacquelineae growers posted pics and guessed as to what colors their pitchers would be. I know jeremiah has a brilliant red similar to mine, and I believe josh's...
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    Growing space/freebies

    I find the best way to get people's attention is with incentives. Sad, but true. Since non-profit 501(k) orginizations generally would rather spend funding elsewhere, I have a small plan. I'm not sure if this has been touched on anywhere, but if growers that have extra plants and would like to...
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    New avatar

    Which avatar do you like better? I made them on photoshop.   Avatar 1: or Avatar 2: Thanks!
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    New avatar

    Which avatar do you like better? I made them on photoshop. Avatar 1:
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    Best pics yet!

    Somehow I took vastly better pictures... Here we go: N. hamata The seldomly seen N. jacquelineae: The magnificant peristome: Nice unfurling judith finn pitcher:
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    Cephalotus Pictures!

    Well, since some people seem to think that there aren't enough pictures of Cephalotus, I'm posting some of my 'Hummer's Giant'. Please don't start a dispute about Cultivar vs. Variety etc, I just typed it like it was labeled... I just took these, and didn't set up the tripod, so they may be a...
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    June gallery

    Hello all, Here are a few pics to start off the month of June! More to come later in the month... Nepenthes jacquelineae newest pitcher. This one is around an inch tall... Another pic of jacquelineae with that wonderful peristome up close. Not a great picture, but the peristome shines...
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    To all you guitar players out there

    Well, I know the song is an emabarassment in any guitar store, but it sure is fun to play the solo... Sound familiar? You guessed it! Deep Purple in Smoke on the Water. I was wondering what your opinion on the riff that is so popular to change the TAB for? The most common that I see are...
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    Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis

    Hello all, Since it has been nearly a year, I thought I would check up on how yours are doing... Please list: Size upon arrival (at least approx?) Which clone(s) did they flower? how tall are they now? did you give dormancy? where are they growing? What do you feed? What are they growing in...
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    Possible cooling breakthrough!

    Hello all, Here is a plan that I have created using some research of cooling properties and some of my own planning: 1) The idea: Create a "wind" of super-humidified air that blows across the plants, and is then removed through an exaust fan on the other side of the growchamber to cool even...
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    Potential future nep cooling

    Just saw this article that was released forty minutes ago... Could be the perfect cooler for highland neps! I'm sure there would be some way to remove one from a refridgerator... Interesting Article
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    Hello all, While tending to my plants this morning, I suddenly discovered much to my horror that my N. rajah and its basal rosette, along with my N. hamata, have black on their growth. The rajah's newest fully uncurled leaf with a developing tendril has edges that look like they have been...