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  1. dionae

    Some really bad news

    RIP Jerry and Joann. Really a shame.
  2. dionae

    My photo thread.

    Thats an incredible collection of plants.
  3. dionae

    N. "Sabre" x ventricosa seed giveaway

    Nice! I'll PM you asap. Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. dionae

    Free sarracenia, sundew and VFT

    The winner is SgtSarracenia! Congratulations!
  5. dionae

    Bonnie's Shade Houses

    Incredible collection and awesome shade house:).
  6. dionae

    Free sarracenia, sundew and VFT

    I have one random sarr rhizome(will have a tag...not nameless ;) ), typical(but very nice) VFT and a filiformis var tracyii up for grabs. All you have to do is pay $6 for a small flat rate priority box and be in the US. Just sign up and i'll pick a winner next Thursday 8-) . Good luck! 1. 2. 3...
  7. dionae

    Rootless Sarracenia Division?

    In addition to everyone elses suggestions you could bag it too. Just dont put the bagged plant in full sun.
  8. dionae

    Sarrs Divisions for Shipping

    What Fred said and congrats to the winners!
  9. dionae

    From Keith's Shade House

    Looking good Keith!
  10. dionae

    N. truncata pollen

    I have a mini maxima female in flower and I'm right down the road from you:). Was actually in murfreesboro a couple weeks ago.
  11. dionae

    N. edwardsiana development timeline

    That looks great! What kind of light is it under?
  12. dionae

    N. rajah x hurrelliana seed giveaway

    1. Oregoncp - I would love to take a whack at these 2. Heli - I'll give it a go. Thanks Mat! 3. Tje25 - Awesome giveaway Thank you 4. Pearldiver f Yeah! Many thanks! 5. Dexenthes - HECK YES! Sweet cross, congratulations 6. SerMuncherIV - Yes, I definitely have to give these a go! 7. Vbkid-a very...
  13. dionae

    Discuss: Nomenclature edits on forum posts

    I don't like it and it just causes problems. Its petty and ridiculous. Who seriously doesnt know what a sarr is on a CP forum lol!?
  14. dionae

    Looking for trades......

    Great! Just email me...or PM if you didnt keep my email. Thanks!
  15. dionae

    Looking for trades......

    Just curious...do you happen to grow glads and/or lilies? Id def be interested in the dahlias...seeds or bulbs.
  16. dionae

    Looking for trades......

    How many dahlia seeds do you have available and what color dahlias do you have:)? Thanks!