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    What do u have for d. Seeds. Looking at some pygmy and humpty doo

    What do u have for d. Seeds. Looking at some pygmy and humpty doo
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    Nepenthes care

    Lady luck! Must be some luck So this nepenthes I had turned into a brown stick. Told myself I had changed it too quick from package to media. So I took a chance and stuck it into some orchid mix and sphagnum and 😱 OMG green stuff sprouting!!!!!!!
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    Looking For (To Buy) Butterwort

    Looking for a good sized butterwort 3-5 in Prefer Mexican butterwort but looking for some warm tolerant. Thanks in advance
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    Nepenthes care

    Thank you, I did change to orchid bark\ long fiber mix. I didn't see this notification until I got out of mobile mode 😂. It's weak but I'm hoping it'll live
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    Nepenthes care

    Wahhh! I'm gonna move my Ivy in front. Thank you. We'll see how it fares!
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    Nepenthes care

    I took a chance and decided to purchase my first nepenthes. Lady luck. It's a small plant 2" diameter. I think it looked great coming in. It was wrapped in long strand sphagnum. I took the sphagnum off and planted in Canadian sphagnum and sand mixture 50:50. The top portion seemed to have died...
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    Hello from Florida

    Hello Tekank here! New to the forum. New to cp. Ive always wanted to grow cp for the longest. I had a vft back when I was younger. It grew great but I left to college and it died. Didn't know anything about it. Now I just got some vft and pitcher plants, sarracenia and nepenthes. Hoping to get...