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  1. John7429

    2022 SCCPE Show & Sale

    It's that time again!! SCCPE will be hosting its second Show & Sale on Father's Day weekend at the Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona Del Mar! It will be bigger and better than last year! Please join us for a fantastic weekend of carnivorous plants! We will have members selling their amazing...
  2. John7429

    (PAID) (Gadz $20) Mystery item

    16 Is it metal?
  3. John7429


    Woohoo! Just paid for 3. =)
  4. John7429

    Any Fashionable Lighting?

    Dimensions of area you're trying to light? Type of lighting needs (high vs low light) etc?
  5. John7429

    Webinar about NASC - Oct 9th 11am

    SCCPE is having a free Zoom with Laura from NASC next Sat, 10/09 at 11am Pacific. Laura Barth, Head of Public Relations and Education with the North American Sarracenia Conservancy (NASC), will discuss the history and mission of NASC, current initiatives and projects, achievements, and future...
  6. John7429

    Upcoming Free Webinar: Utrics from Victoria (2/14/21)

    Our next webinar is next Sat, Oct 9th. NASC will be sharing about their org and projects. I'll put up a new thread here in a bit.