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    Alocasia amazonica

    That should be okay. On the bad bulb, scrape away the rotten part till you hit healthy tissue, then sprinkle some cinnamon on it and let it dry before putting in the sphagnum to sprout.
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    Alocasia amazonica

    50/50 peat/perlite will work but, Alocacias don't like to be too wet during the winter or they will rot. Let the soil dry between watering. If you keep them above 80 degrees they can handle the wet soil better. They love high humidity and to break dormancy your really going to crank up the heat...
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    Hello from L.I.

    Welcome Greg! Lived in Farmingdale 25years. Yankeed #1
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    You want free Sarrs? I got (mostly) free Sarrs.

    S. 'Dixie Lace' (this is a monster plant, it is in a 5g bucket and is going to weigh a significant amount. I am asking $15 for shipping this one cause of its size and if it costs less I will refund the difference.) 1. S. 'Scarlet Belle 1. S. flava x minor 1. S. 'Wilkerson Red' x open...
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    The Approaching Storm

    Sorry to here that. Ciggers are the worst creatures, followed closely by fire ants. Hope you can get some sleep once the itching starts. I usually wake up every hour scrathing. You may want to spray your car seat to kill the ones that crawled off you on the way home or they'll jump back on over...
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    Never knew, or even heard of this

    I always look foward to his open house weekends. The gardens at Plant Delights are amazing. I spent about 4 hours there Friday and plan to go again next week, I also was talking with him about his CPs and he said in his nursery plants he uses Nutricote slow release fertilizer. He said the...
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    Where to find rebutia seed

    Try Mesa Gardens http://www.mesagarden.com/
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    Eastern NC

    This site was between Wilmington and Jacksonville. Here's a few more pics.