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    I doubt it was a problem that I couldn't see..I had everything perfect...or at least perfect to what the thermometer and hygrometer were reading. The low humidity high temp thing seems about right..it's 80-90 degrees constantly in there and the water dries up pretty fast with the fan...
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    Ugh..today one of my flourecents wen't out and my fogger stopped for some odd reason...the Bical INSTANTLY started to look iffy and most of the leaves turned black....I stuck in a fish tank heater which was my reserve if this kind of thing happened but I think it is too late for my bical...All...
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    I currently have purchased a 4 inch diameter Bical...and I've had it for about a month..or so...It seems to like my condtions...I have two flourecents that are 15 watt in a ten gallon tank...Humidity has never dropped below 60...because..I don't think it can :P So far it has made four pitchers...
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    Scopophobia Scoptophobia Aphenphosmphobia Eurotophobia Automatonophobia Dishabillophobia Cacophobia Glossophobia Gymnophobia Lyssophobi Apeirophobia *peers about*
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    I want a perfect terrarium

    Ok man..you need to slow down...First off, you can't have a "perfect terrarium"..only me!    lol..j/k Anyways..The first thing you'll want to do is get a thermometer/hydrometer at petsmart/petsco...or a local pet store..Next is a fogger/humidifyer. I use a fogger and fan..for visual effects..and...
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    Grape seeds

    I will answer your questions!
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    Sensitive plant pod growth

    I'm very interested in this plant..but can't find it anywhere around my town...mind sending me some seeds? Thanks! My AIM addy is Cerius876
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    Thinking about getting a pair of dart frogs

    Here's some morph pictures if your interested... Care Sheet: Physical Description Size range:  1 to 2.5  inches (25 to 60 mm) How to identify sexes:  Females tend to be larger/fatter/rounder.  Adult males are smaller/slimmer, have enlarged toe pads, and have vocal  sacs. Age of maturity...
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    Speakin of bearded dragons...

    Can I use these kinds of cages for a big bearded dragon Was going to turn it on it's side..and use newspaper substrate..will it get out of this?
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    As promised....

    oh..that was just a joke gold..i didn't mean anything by it.
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    As promised....

    Somone said something about it getting fungus..how do I stop that without lowering the humidity?!?! Please help.
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    What do you want most for christmas?

    A ball python...I got the terrarium and all that..just need someone to get the snake..*whistle* Oh...and did I mention a subscription to "Maxim"?
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    As promised....

    As promised..here are the new pics... -note the other plant is a VFT..just wanted to see what new traps would look like in those conditions... Ehh...for some reason..msn.com won't let me post my pics...so here's the website.. http://www.msnusers.com/CeriusCPs/shoebox.msnw?albumlist=2 They VFT...
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    New nep looking real rough

    I've heard that long-striped long sphagnum is not good for it..and I use it to drain the water at the bottom of the pot..I would use something else.
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    New nep looking real rough

    My bet is that it is the clay pot. For what I can see..there is no drainange...and it's standing in water..that's a big nono..it can't absorb water that well..and it rots the root..Put it in a...dunkin' donutscup..and poke a bunch of holes at the bottom! If the clay pot DOES have drainage..I...
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    Funky winter phase

    I don't think this is something new..this has also happened with my red dragon/green dragon bought from here..I decided to not put it into dormancy yet..and the new traps look like typical ones with cotton-candy pink soft color on the inside of the traps.
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    You know you're a herper when....

    when you go to shows on a yearly bases and/or you go to shows half a country away..because you here it's "the best around" and/or you got to shows to sell herps..instead of seeing a show in town and stumble upon it.
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    What you really need to do is cross a VFT with a Nepenthes...Can anyone one say..man eating plant? Anywhoo..I'm instrested in what the plant would look like...dewy traps? lol
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    Got my plant today!

    Where do you get a timer? I don't really think I need this, because the plant is above the "fog" and just appreciates the humidity..and a few rain drops every few hours...the plant seems to dry up quickly enough though. If I got a timer, what would I set it on? Turn on for an hour, then shut off...
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    D. intermedia "cuba form seeds" sase

    I prolly sound dumb..but whatever... What's a sase? and how do I get one?