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  1. FrankenSnyder

    Dr. FrankenSnyder’s Spinach

    No, deadly. Just kidding. Tastes better than store bought spinach and is more nutritious. The stem and leaf undersides of my cultivar are red, so ornamental too. Strawberry Spinach; neat name. I once came across it at one spot in my local mountains.
  2. FrankenSnyder

    Dr. FrankenSnyder’s Spinach

    Here are photos of Pitseed Goosefoot (Chenopodium berlandieri) growing in my apartment laboratory. The green plant is my local native variety from here in Southern California. The red stemmed plant is a cross I made of my local with the ancient cultivar from Mexico known as Huauzontle or Aztec...
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  4. Pitseed X 1-15-23.jpg

    Pitseed X 1-15-23.jpg

  5. FrankenSnyder

    D. brevifolia leaf cutting - worked!

    D. brevifolia is tiny but has such nice proportionately large flowers. I will soon renew this aging plant by sinking the rosette to soil level again. I’ve done this before with burmannii, which is a species unable to sprout from leaf cuttings.
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  8. FrankenSnyder

    D. brevifolia leaf cutting - worked!

    Surprising such tiny leaves of D. brevifolia (synonym: D. annua) can sprout plantlets. I have one brevifolia now 17 months old. The plant’s stem has formed a column like a tepui sundew, and branched.
  9. FrankenSnyder

    D. rotundifolia cutting - dormancy or not?

    Nice and fat. My pictured plant is from Kagoshima Japan.
  10. FrankenSnyder

    Max's Travels

    Great photos. Glad the rare Darlingtonia continues to flourish along accessible hiking trails where we can enjoy seeing them.
  11. FrankenSnyder

    Random pics

    >D. brevifolia "white flower" by Hawken Carlton On the fence about if this is actually what it's supposed to be... That’s surely D. brevifolia. I have same form from Hampstead NC. What else do you think it could be, burkeana? >Updating some website files for South American species, so took...
  12. FrankenSnyder

    D. rotundifolia cutting - dormancy or not?

    Beautiful plant, congrats. Your photo clearly shows the plant is already beginning to form a bud. It would be best to keep it inside and let it develop further. My photos for comparison: Green plant in active growth and reddening plant with bud forming.
  13. Drot active growth.JPG

    Drot active growth.JPG

  14. Drot bud forming.JPG

    Drot bud forming.JPG

  15. FrankenSnyder

    Is this root rot?

    Evil spirits maybe? Just kidding. I get problems with fungi on my sundews too, in high humidity. D. spatulata variants are most sensitive. My D. capillaris are more tolerant.
  16. FrankenSnyder

    Parasitic Plant

    Good eye Mark. That one length I took to grow was yellow-green, because it was shaded. Sadly it failed to attach to the host, but I got a few seed for another try.
  17. FrankenSnyder

    Parasitic Plant

    @Tanukimo, I wish you luck finding some you can reach. I saw more Dodder, AKA Vampire Plant, along a trail side; A patch sapping the life out of poison oak. Imagine the fun we could have creating such fascinating vampire gardens around our neighborhoods. As a test grow experiment I wreathed a...
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  19. Dodder 7.25.22.JPG

    Dodder 7.25.22.JPG

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