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    Hcarlton's Helis

    Can I ask what media your Heli's are in?
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    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    Following this thread, interested in the advice so I can follow it myself!
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    Overgrown Orchid!

    I will absolutely put it out next spring!
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    Overgrown Orchid!

    Honestly, I lost the tag long ago. Not too worried, it's been a fun one to grow, just trying to keep it happy and alive!
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    Overgrown Orchid!

    Probably 8 years ago I went to a local orchid show. Bought a small plant, maybe 4 inches tall. This is it today. The stakes are about a meter long for reference. Hasn't bloomed for me ever, but it seems pretty happy I guess? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. IMG_20221118_094154560.jpg


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    Grey Moss Thread

    Just out of curiosity, what media do you use for your nepenthes?
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    storing Capensis seeds

    In my experience, they will germinate just fine if you keep them pretty much anywhere until spring. Just keep em relatively dry and you'll be good to go! If you have room in the fridge, feel free to throw em in, but don't sweat it!
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    Potting leaf cuttings and humidity.

    That's a reasonable concern. IS it possible to gradually lower the humidity on your sprouts, and when it gets lower, transplant them at that time?
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    “Help meh, Help me!” Nep in danger!

    I'd just continue nursing it as-is. A cuttign would only stress it further/limit access to water. Light+Humidity can hopefully get it on its feet!
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    “Help meh, Help me!” Nep in danger!

    I will defer to others, but my gut reaction is that it looks like it is lacking moisture in it's leaves. The stem going brown isn't a major concern, as they naturally do that as older leaves die off and it undergoes lignification. With that being said, the leaves don't look very happy. I'd bag...
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    “Help meh, Help me!” Nep in danger!

    I'm probably just not reading it right, but does your temperature gauge indicate that it saw a max of 120F?
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    Any Current Light Recommendation?

    I'll try not to start an entirely new thread, but in general does anyone have LUX levels they aim for for their plants?
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    Any Current Light Recommendation?

    I'm doing in inevitable expansion of my grow area. Just looking to pick up 1 or two additional lights for a rack. A few years ago I got a couple Mars Hydro 300W fixtures, and have been pretty dang happy with them. Considering just getting more of the same, but first wanted to get people...
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    Also re-intro

    If you're interested, pm me your address, I have more pinguicula than space right now I'd be happy to mail you some.
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    Also re-intro

    Welcome back! What are you currently growing?
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    What happened to Miniatree Garden in Tempe, Arizona run by Jason Eslamieh?

    Edited: This page, which they seem to control, was updated in 2022. It has a contact page, and updated location information. It also has a current store it seems (for printed materials, at least). Not sure if this helps! https://theeslamiehcenter.com/
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    Nepenthes decapitation

    It absolutely can be saved, you've essentially just taken a cutting of it! Two things that have helped me root Neps in the past: 1) Rooting hormone. Dip it at the point of the break in water, then in rooting hormone. 2) Humidity. I'd keep it bagged up so that that the plant doesn't lose...
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    Mister tubes and head mounting.

    Looking forward to your results, please post some picture's if you can!
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    Mister tubes and head mounting.

    Would some sort of clamp work better than Duct Tape? I haven't done this specific project before, but clamps are normally the go-to for maintaining good contact.