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  1. Camden M

    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    Nope haven't ordered anything yet. Besides the pretty common stuff (sugar, vinegar, H2O2, etc.) I haven't any of the special stuff. This is where I'm getting all my knowledge so far - Plant Tissue Culture Basics
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  3. Camden M

    Pitcher of the Month December 2022

    Nepenthes Hamata (First pitcher under me!)
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  5. Camden M

    Plant of the Month December 2022

    One of my glass gem corn heads I grew this year
  6. Camden M

    For Trade Adrianii X Sumatrana for trade!🤫

    The plant for trade is the one pictured below. Looking for Heliamphora (or possibly neps/cephs). If you have any questions feel free to PM me Previous pitcher Current pitcher Whole plant
  7. Camden M

    Cephs in CO

    I wonder wonder why that particular area has dark pitchers then.
  8. Camden M

    Cephs in CO

    Awesome! I can see one side is getting favored by the light 😏 I bet that’s why you see those big clumps of cephalotus whenever you see any pictures of them. Wouldn’t they need a repot at some point though? How would you attempt it without killing your plant?
  9. Camden M

    Hcarlton's Helis

    Love that red mambo and exappendiculata! Speaking about the Nutans here; do you know where you got it? I wonder if the seller has a history or if the person you got it from got it from a questionable source. Side note: I have a hetrodoxa x minor that’s flowering for the second time under me and...
  10. Camden M

    Does this look right? (Beginner TC help)

    So, I’m looking at getting into TC & this is what’s in my carts rn. Does this look right? Do I need to change anything? I’m looking at mainly TC’ing heli’s and some neps.
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  14. Camden M

    Help! N. campanulata leaf size diminishing

    Well that explains it! No wonder we couldn’t figure it out. Congratulations!!! Wow, that’s awesome! I think you made the right choice; stress flowering will only drain energy from the plant even more rather than letting it flower naturally. Lmk if it ever has a basal that you’re willing to part...
  15. Camden M

    H. Sarracenioides

    For those who have experience with this species, is it particular in any way? Is it very prolific or readily to divide?
  16. Camden M

    New to the group. My set up and conditions.

    Lowii, of them all, would love the temperature drops! Lowii is way up into mountains, naturally crossing with an ULH (Macrophylla) in the wild.
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  19. Camden M

    Nepenthes edwardsiana seedlings

    What your looking forward too!