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  1. bluemax

    Random pics

    Congrats on your D. lowriei!
  2. bluemax

    Rainbows in the Midwest

    'Missed the last post. Those flowers on the "Buru Oil Fields" B. guehoi are certainly nice. 'Makes me realize that I've let my efforts completely fall apart. 'Time to plant some seeds!
  3. bluemax

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Here's your notice of the Dec. 2022 meeting which will be on Saturday Dec. 10 at the Moon and Sixpence pub beginning at 3:00 PM. Come for a chance to discuss carnivorous plant topics with other friendly local growers - and bring any plants you might want to give away or favorite plants you want...
  4. bluemax

    Max's Travels

    Thank you, guys! I am already hungry to go back next year. I totally lucked-out for weather and overall conditions.
  5. bluemax

    New to the group. My set up and conditions.

    I am looking at a Peltier-type chiller like the ones used in mini-refrigerators and for computer chips. They aren't too expensive and should be adaptable to use in your tote box. I haven't tried this yet but I have plans for my largest terrarium, which has 4 cu. feet of volume. Anyway, 'just an...
  6. bluemax

    Random post - Electricity generators

    I love Electroboom, ha! Yeah, free electricity generators are often touted by people who love to con others and then sit back and laugh at them. Naturally, solar systems and wind generators are real solutions.
  7. bluemax

    Making the most of office space

    A good idea. I had a friend tell me that he almost completely cleared his house of fruit flies by growing a D. binata "giant staghorn." As for a small light - I use screw-in type standard leds and they do well for me. And you can choose your level of brightness and color temperature.
  8. bluemax

    New to the group. My set up and conditions.

    Your plants certainly look nice. They must like what you are supplying!
  9. bluemax

    Nepenthes edwardsiana seedlings

    Congrats and good luck with those!
  10. bluemax

    adnedarn's photo thread

    'Nice plants! I didn't realize that it was possible to post photos as thumbnails that could be clicked on that would allow a slideshow format. Certainly saves on download time for viewing the page.
  11. bluemax

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Sorry to any interested that this reminder is going out so late. This Sat., Nov. 12 is our next Portland area meet-up. All are welcome. Same time, same place. If you don't know where or when see previous post(s).
  12. bluemax

    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    I really appreciate it! I don't grow any carnivores in the house at large at this point but it would certainly be fun.
  13. bluemax

    For Sale Carnivorous plant art

    If you're a carnivorous plant grower and haven't had a look at Francois' art you will want to check it out. I'm in love with the Drosophyllum print I got from him.
  14. bluemax

    New Avatar movie

    I'm expecting it to be good, though I acknowledge that it could be a dud. It seems like the days of terrible sequels for big box office successes are mostly gone - mostly.
  15. bluemax

    adnedarn's photo thread

    'Nice collection. That "Dutch Delight" certainly has interesting coloring.
  16. bluemax

    Max's Travels

    Part 2. The Siskiyou Mountains. Site 1 - Darlingtonia californica, the cobra 'lily' or California pitcher plant. Seedlings were all around this rather sparse site. They seem to be spreading :). Site 2.
  17. bluemax

    Max's Travels

    Part 1. These are some photos from my annual fall peregrinations, this time into southern Oregon and northern California. If you're here to see pics of carnivorous plants, that is what this forum is all about after all, you might want to skip down to part 2. Crater Lake National Park...
  18. bluemax

    Drosera admirabilis dying

    For me, any unexpected brown leaves are a concern but then there are lots of reasons why the plant could lose a few including just having a bit of a transplant reaction. Obviously, what's all-important is the health of the new leaves at the center of the plant. Congrats on your new plantlets! It...
  19. bluemax

    Drosera admirabilis dying

    If it was me, I would pull and replant the little plant but 'wouldn't give up on the parent plant. Options are - you could harvest the roots and float them in a glass of pure water on top of a mat of lfs under lights and look for sprouts. Or you could just hope they re-sprout into a new...
  20. bluemax

    Also re-intro

    I remember you, LeafKirby. Welcome back! :welcome: