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    Looking For (To Buy) looking for navia lactea

    I am looking for navia lactea. Thanks all.
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    Potting leaf cuttings and humidity.

    My only spot to put them currently that has good light outside the chamber gets some full sun. That makes bagging them out. I would have to build a shelf in another terrarium that would give me ~ 60% humidity. We will see how this goes. I have more pulling's in the chamber for a second try if...
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    Potting leaf cuttings and humidity.

    That is what I sprouted the leaves in. Just happens to be the humidity in that chamber while it is under construction. I was worried about dropping the humidity on the sprouts too quick.
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    Potting leaf cuttings and humidity.

    I have a few leaves that have sprouted. I have taken them from the bag and put them in a pot with an adult plant. I have put this in a chamber with 90% humidity. Will this harm my adult plant? My home humidity is 35%. Thanks!
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    Multiple pings in one pot and dormancy?

    P. moranensis 'A', P. ehlersiae 'Victoria' and P. emarginata x ( x 'Libelulita' ).
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    Multiple pings in one pot and dormancy?

    I am thinking about putting several pings of different types in one pot. How would you deal with one plant going into dormancy? Or is this just a bad idea?
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    Sorry you have the correct spelling. Here is a Capensis leaf and a 4 day old sprout. It is much larger than the unknown Drosera and the unknown have been at there current size for months.
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    I was thinking that this may be red sphagnum moss and was happy. I have tossed hundreds of capenthes seeds into this over the months. These are defiantly not capenthes! But it is certainly a carpet or Drosera!
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    Drosera admirabilis dying

    That is probably what it is.
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    Drosera admirabilis dying

    The soil is less than a year old in a big deep 12 inch pot. This started when I pulled some leaves a few months ago. Just a small dying off at the spot of the pulling's. On the positive side all four leaves that I pulled are now sprouting! I just saw today that another sprouting pot has a...
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    Drosera admirabilis dying

    It looks like I am loosing this one. It has been flowering for months and I have a lot of seedlings sprouting up and I have some leaf propagation success. I think it started to go bad after I pulled some leaves. It temporarily started to look better then this. Do I pull the pup and get rid...
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    Sarracenia dormancy

    I have been trying to give my Sarracenia a bit of bug every month. When should I stop feeding it? I live in southern California so I don't expect any freezing temperatures, but I know my plants were dormant when I got them last January.