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  1. labine

    P. ???

    got this one recently and there was no tag on it. I'm thinking P. Agnata but not sure cause the leaves shape are different. Maybe there was also a lack of lighting when that guy was growing it. Does anyone know? thanks
  2. labine

    N. Jambam

    First time i post a picture . Hope you guy's enjoy it!! thanks
  3. labine

    labine's grow list

    Hi , My grow list is : D. Binata D. Binata Dichotoma Giant D. Binata Multifida Extrema D. filiformis D. capensis green, red form, Wide leaves,Alba D. paradoxa D. Adelae D. Intermedia D. Aliciae D. Rotundifolia D. Nidiformis D. Anglica D. Closterostigma(gemmae) D. Scorpioides Large form D...
  4. labine

    salut from Montreal, Quebec

    hi everyone , i have been looking at this forum for a while now and decided to register today. I started growing cp 2 years ago and i was able to get my hands on a couple plants without killing them. Now i'm addicted:).