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    Looking For (To Buy) looking for navia lactea

    I am looking for navia lactea. Thanks all.
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    Potting leaf cuttings and humidity.

    I have a few leaves that have sprouted. I have taken them from the bag and put them in a pot with an adult plant. I have put this in a chamber with 90% humidity. Will this harm my adult plant? My home humidity is 35%. Thanks!
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    Multiple pings in one pot and dormancy?

    I am thinking about putting several pings of different types in one pot. How would you deal with one plant going into dormancy? Or is this just a bad idea?
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    I was thinking that this may be red sphagnum moss and was happy. I have tossed hundreds of capenthes seeds into this over the months. These are defiantly not capenthes! But it is certainly a carpet or Drosera!
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    Drosera admirabilis dying

    It looks like I am loosing this one. It has been flowering for months and I have a lot of seedlings sprouting up and I have some leaf propagation success. I think it started to go bad after I pulled some leaves. It temporarily started to look better then this. Do I pull the pup and get rid...
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    Sarracenia dormancy

    I have been trying to give my Sarracenia a bit of bug every month. When should I stop feeding it? I live in southern California so I don't expect any freezing temperatures, but I know my plants were dormant when I got them last January.
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    Dying Darlington

    I think the roots are not cold enough or the the fact that I don't have a big nightly temp change. pitchers are drying. I don't think this is dormancy is it? Thanks, Sage
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    Water quality

    I am having a water quality issue that I am not understanding. In my outside bog I have a tub with probably 12 gallons of water in it. I started out using distilled water. It evaporates around 1 gallon a day. I have several pots, water hyacinth and lots of waterborne Utricularias. In the last...
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    Nepenthes decapitation

    This morning my wife informed me that somehow my Nepenthes got decapitated. All the green growth has been broken off at the stem. I have put the crown in the soil. Is there anyway to save this poor plant?
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    Mister tubes and head mounting.

    I am building my rain system for my highland tank. I have high pressure hose and misting heads. I am thinking of using silicone to glue it where it needs to be and duct tape to hold it there while it dries. Anyone have better suggestions? Thanks, Sage
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    What are good pot mates for Cephalotus? Thanks!
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    Terrarium and a Cephalous

    Here is my small terrarium. I have 5 pots going through a foam board to make an internal water tray setup. The top layer of moss / peat is wet to damp depending on how far from the bottom it is. I would like to add a Cephalous to this tank. If I use 2 parts sand to 1 part peat, how many...
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    Used Chiller

    I bought a used chiller. My water is cloudy. Any suggestions on how to clean this chiller. I am figuring that this residue will kill any of my plants. Thanks.
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    Tepui environment compatible Tanks

    Hi all. I am looking for Bromeliads that can handle Tepui conditions. 80% humidity, high 84f, low 64f, misting a few times a day and rain daily to once a week 10 to 15 hr light? I am setting up a Tepui tank, 40 gal breeder tank. 1/3 will be in shade conditions. Looking for a small tank...
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    B. hechtioides

    I am setting up a small Tepui terrarium and am looking for a small growing B. hechtioides. Does anyone know the name of a small subvariant? I will most likely set up a larger enclosure in the future but currently I am limited to 10 inches of growing height. Any other suggestions are welcome...
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    dry pitchers

    I have a couple of Sarracenia and I live in southern California. I have my plants outside in a small patio pond, and it gets a few hours of direct sun and more than twice that of broken sun. It does get a bit hot here. I have noticed that my pitchers have no water in them. Does anyone have...
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    What is this?

    Please identify. I am thinking this may be my next plant. Thanks, Sage
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    I just got some Schultz 2-777 cactus fertilizer. The information that I have found says 3 drops in 1 quart and a lite misting of leaves only (not soil) once every 4 weeks. My Pings do not fully cover my pots. Thinking of cutting a hole in a piece of paper to use as a stencil to keep from...
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    Too much light?

    I had this guy under artificial light for a while and it was happy. I moved it to the window where it gets some low angle direct sunlight in the late afternoon. It also has a lower intensity light for 10 hours most of the day. The leaves are getting smaller and the leave tips are dry and no...
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    U. Inflata

    All the pictures of U Inflata show it in clear water, no other plants around. My Inflata has a barrier to keep my water hyacinth away from it. I am seeing algae on it and not on my other water loving U plants. Has anyone grown U Inflata before or are aware of the conditions it likes?