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  1. catrus

    FREE Turnip Seeds (non cp)

    I still want them!
  2. catrus

    Sarracenia Blood Moon X Adrian Slack seeds

    gnathaniel -- thanks for offering this! glad I'm first so my copy-paste skills don't need to be scrutinized... 2. DragonsEye -- Have never tried germinating Sarr seeds. Twould be interested in giving it a go. Lovely parents there. Thanks for the chance. 3. DJ57 - Crap, I cannot resist a chance...
  3. catrus

    Huernia oculata

    Whimgrinder, are those your plants?
  4. catrus

    Sarr seeds

    I have some OP "Leah Wilkerson" seeds. I'd like the OP oreophila "Sand Mt" seeds. Zath, I'd like a S. leucophylla (Hurricane Creek) seedling.
  5. catrus

    Nepenthes and Drosera for new members, Begonia for anyone.

    Beginner Carnivores 1. Europa_13 Thanks! I have under 20 plants and am also a beginner to this forum (though I have used it for advice without signing up for the last year) 2. HeliamWalnut thanks! I have little plants, mostly neps, but almost nothing else. Hello, europa, aren't you on FTC? 3...
  6. catrus

    P. esseriana

    1. ErrorEN : The more the merrier! 2. Clue -- thank you for the very generous giveaway! 3. Europa_13 (active on other forums, beginner here!) thanks! 4. hcarlton-species I've wanted for a while, why not? 5. chch 6. KATastrophe- ooh soo pretty! 7. Kronos1996 8. catrus TY!
  7. catrus

    Sarracenia and VFT give away (three winners)

    1. David F 2. savagegarden - i have some d. scorpioides to give away 3. sgtsarracenia - I have a few seed grown complex Sarrs that I could do something with lol 4. patrickntd - I have some warm temperate or Mexican pings to give away. Thank you. 5.dozer1028. Pure s.oreophila seedlings. USA.ONLY...
  8. catrus

    Gemmae Giveaway!

    I got my pulchella gemmae yesterday. They are planted! Thank you so much!
  9. catrus

    Gemmae Giveaway!

    I would love to have any D. pulchella, D omissa x pulchella, and D. helodes x occidentalis if you still have some.
  10. catrus

    Agave or aloe type plantlet with splatter look

    It's hardy here in Zone 8. Mine had some damage last year but it survived.
  11. catrus

    Trade of non-CP plants for any CP plant?

    Do you still have these: Ceropegia ampliata cuttings Oxalis tuberosa (edible) Mina lobata 'exotic love vine' seeds Ochna serrulata fresh seeds Euphorbia flanaganii Oxalis iron cross Aristolochia fimbrata
  12. catrus

    Agave or aloe type plantlet with splatter look

    It looks like Mangave, macho mocha. Is that a Dyckia beside it?
  13. catrus

    Free Nep seed

    I'd love some, too!
  14. catrus

    Your local carnivorous plant society. ..

    Is there a society in the deep south (where the plants grow)?
  15. catrus

    Ceramic environments for carnivorous plants and others.

    I love these! Your friend's looks like a nice place to grow Tillandsia. Lucky friend!! I love your Ceph. pot!
  16. catrus

    U. nelumbifolia

    I have U. longifolia!
  17. catrus

    DUW: Heart of Borneo Expedition and ICPS Conference 2014

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip! It was awesome!