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  1. catrus


    Does anyone know how to get in touch with the NASC?
  2. catrus

    CP's in Myrtle Beach?

    Are there any places to see in Myrtle Beach?
  3. catrus

    Nepenthes seeds

    Pollinated in October, 2013. Do they always take this long?
  4. catrus

    Mississippi Growers?

    I'm hosting the Wesson Garden Club meeting in April at my house. The program will be on Carnivorous Plants. I've done two different programs, showing DVD's made by others. We have a lot of new members and I'd like to know if you have any pointers. I have never gotten anyone in the group...
  5. catrus

    catrus growlist

    This is a list I'm working on: Sarracenia From Oren Segrest S. moorei 1 S. moorei 2 S. leucophylla Perdido S. alata bulbous red lid Stone County S. Flamemouth S. Diamond Head S. Yellow River S. readii 2 S. flava var rugelii tall Apalachicola S. Wilkerson OP S. rubra gulfensis dar form S...
  6. catrus

    Ceph advice

    This is how I've been growing this plant that I got at the 2013 NECPS show. I noticed it had a white cottony thing on it and i immediately pulled it off and squashed it without finding out what it was. Here is what was left. It went from the leaf to the pitcher. Any ideas what I might be...
  7. catrus

    Is Hypnum moss safe to use on CPs?

    I like to grow sphagnum moss on all of my plants. I found this fern moss on my mother's grave. There is a lot of it so I brought some home. Will it be safe to put on my Nepenthes?
  8. catrus

    ID Please

    This was a hitchhiker gammae on a NASC auction this year. Can you tell me what it is?
  9. catrus

    Nepenthes ID

    It's making a lot of pitchers. Are these upper pitchers?
  10. catrus

    ID Please

    A friend of mine got this at Lowe's two years ago.
  11. catrus

    Hello from MS

    How many here are from the deep south? I've been on TF for a long time but I realized I have never introduced myself. All I can say is that I'm a plant fanatic. I love all plants and want one of each. Of course that doesn't always work out in the heat and humidity that I have to deal with so...
  12. catrus

    Nepenthes Viking x rafflesiana female looking for male

    I found the tag on this plant, finally. It's blooming again. It looks like I was successful in the first pollination. :banana2: Does anyone have any pollen?
  13. catrus

    Plants from NASC 2011 auction from Thez_yo

    I won the bid on these plants and they finally have pitchers! At least the beginnings of pitchers anyway. Thanks Thez-yo!! talangensis x veitchii Burkeii Burkeii caladium caladium Griffin Griffin spectabilis x tobaica spectabilis x tobaica Esther Esther vent. x amp. vent. x amp...
  14. catrus

    Female Rafflesiana x sibuyanensis? looking for male pollen.

    I have this plant blooming right now. Just found out it's female. The flowers opened today. 50/50 if we get seeds!!
  15. catrus

    Heli experiment

    I moved this one to a room with an extra nighttime air conditioner a few months ago. It has a light but it is not left on as much as the other. and I left this one in an aquarium with much more light but no drop in temp. at night. Both are setting on a window sill and have artificial light...
  16. catrus


    Does anyone here collect Aloe plants? I just posted some of mine here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.442946352470858.1073741824.378194115612749&type=1 Please post yours!! I'd love to see them!
  17. catrus

    Nepenthes ID please

    I have this one left without an ID, for now. I have two more without pitchers for later. Thanks for IDing the others I posted in the wrong forum.
  18. catrus

    Utricularia longifolia won't bloom

    I've had this plant since last year's auction. I had to transplant it to a larger pot last fall. I read that you should let it dry out a little so I haven't watered it directly for months. Still no blooms! Is there something I can do?
  19. catrus

    ID please

    I'm trying to get names for these guys. They were given to me last fall and these are the first pitchers since I've had them. He mentioned truncata but I would like to know. Looks like some bug damage on this one but I can't find the bugs.
  20. catrus

    10 Sarracenia from Lois (some with lost labels) #2 (duckhook $32)

    Up for auction are 10 bare root plants from the collection of Lois Ochs. Some will have have labels and some will not. Shipping will be $11.00. Starting bid is $5.