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  1. Gigantea

    Calling all enthusiasts! Need advice for a buddies business in north Tejas!

    I have a buddy in northern TX who has recently started a business primarily with vegetables and chickens. He hasn't had a lot lot of success so far, and I've been doing what I can to help out, primarily doing research to see what might bring the most bang for his buck. I suggested sago palms...
  2. Gigantea

    Edible: Wild Field Grown Texas Chives

    Seems like the market is more interested in the carnivores this year, but I figured I would list something a little different. These chives are native here, they pretty much grow everywhere and nearly no one even knows they exist until I tell them about them! They are some sort of unknown wild...
  3. Gigantea

    *PAID* A Nice Little Clump of Tradescantia (carolacj $3)

    I forgot I even had these growing, but I really do like these "kitten's ears" succulents. Nice and fuzzy to the touch, and grows without any help needed whatsoever. Use as ground covering or allow to trail/vine. Seems to be fairly winter hardy and resistant to strong sun. Mine are grown in about...
  4. Gigantea

    *PAID* 5 Starter Iris Giganticaerulea (Giant Blue Iris) (aerogrower $10)

    (Stock image pulled from online cause I don't have a good whole-crop pic like this of mine to post:) Native to Louisiana (and apparently Texas), it is one of the tallest growing species of Iris known. They die back to the tubers during winter, and re-emerge each spring. They are happy sitting...
  5. Gigantea

    *PAID* 3 Small Partridge Breast Aloe Offsets (Swagalotus $10)

    Also known as "Aloe Variegata" and "Tiger Aloe" this is a hard one to find for cultivation. Will grow well in shaded/partly sunny conditions in a well-draining/rocky soil. Slow grower, but tends to offset a fair bit at maturity. You will receive the 3 small rooted offsets pictured below, sent...
  6. Gigantea

    *PAID* Truely Organic Edible Texas Chives! (AnIsleAteHer $3)

    Nature-grown green chive onions fresh from the Gulf coast of Texas! These have been growing on my property for generations, presumably started back when this entire area was just one big grass farm for hundreds of acres. I discovered these about 3 years ago and have utilized them for all manners...
  7. Gigantea

    Euphorbia Tirucalli x Stenoclada Hybrid 'Pencil Cactus' (no bids)

    A rare and unusual hybrid form of the traditional E. Tirucalli 'pencil cactus' that produces heavily pointed, bushy branches. I only know of one grower (aside from me) that even has this hybrid available. At maturity it grows into a tree and begins to form a bark-like skin on it's largest/oldest...
  8. Gigantea

    Wild Patch of Iris Japonica Discovered

    My whole area tends to be a sort of honey hole where exotic plants grow wildly all over the place. It used to be a massive grass farm eons ago. Several years ago I became aware of a large patch of Giant Japanese Iris (japonica) that was growing in a ditch around the corner from me. I only notice...
  9. Gigantea

    Stenocactus 'Rio de Mayo'

    I haven't posted in a while all. I've had some issues recovering my account, plus I had a computer failure... but I am back to say hi! And to post a pic of my Stenocactus which has been flowering for a while now out in my front rock bed.
  10. Gigantea

    I've been working on this all winter and I'm amazed nothing died!

    I have this pretty large area of rock bed in the front of my house, with some large collector's boulders my dad I picked up some places years ago. I always thought it needed something more than rocks and a single gnarly-growing Texas sage bush, so late last fall/this winter, I have been steadily...
  11. Gigantea

    King Palms Germinated

    So I sewed probably 300 King Alexander palm seeds last September, collected from my source. I had three more trays just like this one but they've all been sorted out and potted separately now. I just noticed this tray the other day and thought I would share my success with these on my first...
  12. Gigantea

    First Lily Bloom of the Season!

    For me at least. The winner is: Hemerocallis 'Daylily Crimson Pirate'. Came out looking really wonderful! Picture taken this morning after a light rain. It really added naturalism I thought.
  13. Gigantea

    Not sure what this is

    Looks similar to a Pothos but does not vine.
  14. Gigantea

    Winter Casualties

    Post your winter casualties here. I've had a few minor problems but this one is the biggest problem so far. Survival for that one is gonna be tough but its definitely not a goner yet.
  15. Gigantea

    Are these Corn Lillies?

    A neighbor of mine has an infestation of these so I took some home. But we aren't sure what exactly they are. I think they could be Canna or Corn Lillies but I havent seen them flower. The leaves are long and grasslike with streaks of whitish yellow. The base forms a large bulbous caudex with...
  16. Gigantea

    Drosera Light Show

    A bit of subtle cross lighting across this darkened D. Regia created the amazing effect shown here. I first noticed with my eyes and sadly the pics hardly do justice.
  17. Gigantea

    Succulent Porn : Warning : Lots of pictures

    Part One
  18. Gigantea

    Need to increase humidity near a window

    I've tried to do this before with other tropical plants and have been unscuccessful raising and keeping it over 40%. I got my first orchid yesterday and would love to put it near the window I have some other plants at but I have read that this one, Paphiopedlum, prefers humidity in a range of...
  19. Gigantea

    Is this wild lettuce(Lactuca Virosa)?

    I dug this one up and placed it in a pot. Seems to meet the physical traits including a huge tap root. Seems to be some sort of lettuce anyway.
  20. Gigantea

    I have a cluster of unknown rosette drosera

    I picked with up from someone who thought it was a spatulata. I guess It might be a frasier island since I have a real spatulata and it has bigger leaves than this one. But it could also a natalensis, tokaiensis or some other one of those similarly looking dews. Maybe a hybrid? I'm curious to...