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    Utricularia calycifida

    1st blooming of this beautiful little thing. Recently purchased in April and has already put up a flower.
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    Hcarlton's Utrics

    Relatively new to Utrics but I have fallen for them hard.
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    Flowering Ping

    Beautiful flowers. Love the variety of the crosses. Loving the esserianas.
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    Lets see your messed up plants!

    Oooh.....that pitcher looks like a deflated balloon. And we can just say that the D. kenneally Fog Bay is sulking. It will come back bigger and better.
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    Hello From Ontario, Canada

    Hi! Fellow Ontarian here that just joined yesterday. Wish I had room for Neps. Dabbled with a couple pings last year and then went overboard this year. Hope I don't kill them. Welcome to us both!