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  1. nightsky

    Portable RO unit for an apartment???

    I'm in a condo also, and can't tap the water line. I've been using this system for years. http://www.airwaterice.com/product/1MMDI/Mighty-Mite-50GPD-with-DI-Added.html Tap varies betwen 600 to 800 tds, comes out of this filter at 0. So it works well. Not a ton of output so it's good for small...
  2. nightsky

    Exo Terra 18x18x24 CP terrarium question

    I have the exact same exo terra and have this over it http://www.htgsupply.com/Product-HTG-Supply-2-Foot-2-Lamp-PL-55-Tek-Lamp.asp Seems to work well enough. Packs a lot of Lumens for the price.
  3. nightsky

    Reboot: Starting anew with some of my old plants

    Yeah, I also thought of just getting a small submersible pump that I could run every now and then to pull water out of the bottom, without having to remove all the plants and egg crate every so often to do it by hand. But, I've yet to find one that will fit into the 1.5" height under the egg...
  4. nightsky

    Reboot: Starting anew with some of my old plants

    Sorry to hear of your freeze and loss of plants. Im in the process of setting up two of the exact same exo terra terrariums you have also. Im putting smaller cps in them and moving away from the larger neps I had before. The terrariums are so far proving much easier for me to care for and...
  5. nightsky

    Beware..another homeowner raided

    http://news.yahoo.com/kansas-couple-indoor-gardening-prompted-pot-raid-182449463.html It seems that simply buying certain hydroponic supplies makes you suspect. I hope people are fired over this and that the couple is given the compensation they rightly deserve. This stuff is infuriating...
  6. nightsky

    Myles' highland tank

    What are those humidifiers you are using? Also, what did you make the basin out of that hold the water below your plants? Everything looks great by the way. As those grow..you're going to have a jungle in there.
  7. nightsky

    my quick´n dirty basement setup

    Looks great. Do you have link for the LED lighting system you are using?
  8. nightsky

    n. lady pauline update

    I've had to cut the vine back on mine three times in four years. Once they vine they rocket! Also, I found that once they vine they produce basals readily. Mine put out four basals the last time I cut it. I cut back two of them to keep it from weakening too much. Right now it's a small plant...
  9. nightsky

    Energy Crisis

    This has been a difficult summer. Hit 103 here today. The ac just cant keep up with those temps and my inside plants (neps, cephs, helis) have taken a hit this year. My sarrs outside are in horrible shape. The electrical bills have been bad this summer. There's no way I could afford to cool an...
  10. nightsky

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Darn I just barely got back from that area. I sure do love western Oregon. Have a drink for me.
  11. nightsky

    Macros - July (pic-heavy, mixed species)

    Fantastic vfts. The coloring is perfect.
  12. nightsky

    Pings feasting

    Sorry for the late reply wofln. If I remember right..it's been a few years since I potted them up..it's equal parts vermiculite, peat, perlite and APS, with a little bit of lava rock thrown in. And the infestation is long over. No more gnats. I need to get some back again..
  13. nightsky

    cps in the heat and drought

    My outside sarrs and vfts look like crap. Worst I've ever seen 'em. A summer of mostly hot and windy days with single digit humidities has ravaged them. I do keep them well watered, but even still they are in bad shape. Lost my oldest sarr, a huge Judith Hindle :-( Even my neps inside are...
  14. nightsky

    Couple Nepenthes snapshots

    Your truncata x ovata is stunning. I'd say it's one of the best looking neps.
  15. nightsky

    Current tepui weather conditions

    That's why my heli's don't do so well, I don't have enough instability! :jester: (I'm kidding of course, I know what it means).
  16. nightsky

    Thanks for the pre-surgery get well gift, surgery is planned for Friday July 6

    My best wishes to you, that it goes well and you heal well, and that you come out better for it. I myself had two back surgeries this last year, and ended up missing 6 months of work. Horrible year. In any case, good luck.
  17. nightsky

    Rooting multiple cuttings

    This is the exact method I use as well, and I've had great results.
  18. nightsky

    Lady Pauline, whole plant, for MICKEY

    Love this hybrid. It just keeps on giving and is so forgiving as a bonus.
  19. nightsky

    Potted plants can't reach their full potential?

    Just last week I repotted all my neps into larger pots, so interesting timing on this subject. I was surprised at just how rootbound they can become. Their previous mix was 1:1 sphagnum to perlite. Yeah..I couldn't separate the old media out at all. Doing so would have destroyed their roots...