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  1. vraev

    Timelapse of bulbophyllum flower opening

    Hey guys, Check it out. Over a couple thousand images later and 14 days of pictures. cheers V
  2. vraev

    A pleasure to get something created by Mr. Av8tor

    I got this from a great generous OCPS/TF member in Canada (peatmoss). I now have the great honour and pleasure of growing one of my dear dear friend Av8tor1's first hybrids: H. tatei x saraccenioides Leaving room in the pot for the live chilean moss to spread. ;) cheers V
  3. vraev

    Self pollinate U. quelchii ??

    Hi guys, I have my first U. quelchii flowers opening soon. Is there any way to self pollinate this species? I would love to get some seed of this species. Has anyone tried it before? How do u do it? cheers V
  4. vraev

    Sites to see D. californica in the wild

    Hey guys, I am making a trip down to California for a family thing in June this year. I am planning on staying an extra couple of days and see if I can drive down to couple of mountain sites for some trekking and spotting some D. californica populations in the wild. I will be around 1h 45min...
  5. vraev

    Cephalotus cube display piece

    Hi guys, I wanted to make a nice little living room display piece with a Cephalotus follicularis. Here is what I have accomplished so far. I must say I did not expect it to go down this route. I thought it will definitely crash before getting here. I will hopefully update this thread with...
  6. vraev

    Return to Cps with a mechanical fix job. + permission needed from TF members

    Hi guys, Lets address it point by point: 1) I have been off the grid for a long while. Haven't been around any forums for over 6-8 months. Same old story...plants going downhill and loosing interest. But recently, I got a call from my local hamilton RBG to give a 1h+ talk on carnivorous plants...
  7. vraev

    Reboot: Starting anew with some of my old plants

    Hi guys, I've taken a bit of time away from CPs since early this year and taken a break from CPs while keeping a few plants ticking along with minimal effort. Basically as few of you may remember, early January last year, my setup went through a huge freeze and I lost a lot of rare and hard...
  8. vraev

    Last ditch effort: Self watering setup

    Hi guys, Its been a while since I have been back to TF. Life takes its own turns and in the last 4-5 months, my life has changed tremendously due to family issues. As a result, I have almost lost my entire collection of plants. I had to go away for over a month and I gave some important plants...
  9. vraev

    Non Traditional Iwagumi: My first nature aquarium

    Hi guys, I have been away for a while now from the CP hobby. Things are still slow and chugging along and the remake of my terrariums is still sometime in the future. But in the meanwhile, this is what I have been up to. Still having issues a bit with water clarity..it looks just a bit green...
  10. vraev

    Plants froze overnight

    Hi everyone...especially Jens, If you guys are seeing this...please tell me if I can do something...or if its all over. I woke up this morning to see the humidifier water empty and the duct tube that brings in outside air just blowing air into the tank. Normally this hasn't been a problem...
  11. vraev

    Lighting upgrade question

    Hi guys, After pondering about the issue for about 2 years now, I have finally decided to step up and upgrade my lighting. Currently I am using a 4' T5 system (4 bulb: 54watts/bulb) (20000 lumens) + 4' T8 (2 bulbs) to light my two WxLxH (2' x 2' x 3') tanks. The upgrade options are as...
  12. vraev

    48" T5 + MH fixture Odyssea --comments and feedback

    Hey guys, I posted this on a canadian reef forum and figured I should ask here as well. Anyone have experience with these fixtures? are they safe?? thanks guys V
  13. vraev

    Cephalotus follicularis..with a bunch of buddies

    Hey guys, Here are some pics of my cephaloti :p ?? Once again thanks to my great friend Av8tor for helping me grow these. His years of experience was definitely helpful and now these are among the easiest plants I grow. A bystander. ;) cheers, Varun
  14. vraev

    The royal children: N. truncata QoHxKoS

    Hi guys, Found a very nice new truncata pitcher hidden away in the tank. Firstly, this is the common one I see...peristome folded back... on most of the seedlings. However, the second seedlings pitchers always hang and they show a very nice peristome. Infact, if I may say so...looks like a...
  15. vraev

    My general CP tank pics

    Hi guys, I always keep saying my grow space is limited. Well..it is packed and here are some pics of what one of the tanks is packed with: Catopsis bertoniana seedlings an year old Heliamphora pulchella Amuri tepui with nearly a 2" thick layer of live chilean sphagnum. Couple of helis...
  16. vraev

    TC mutation or cultural issue?

    Hi guys, Some of you may remember my enthusiastic post about my first nepenthes flowering. I got some aristolochioides pollen from a local canadian grower and fertilized it early in december. I had hoped that what I was seeing was the start of a fruit and maybe a small chunk of viable seed...
  17. vraev

    H. minor self fertilization guidance

    Hi guys, My H. minor has opened a beautiful flower. There is a second one on the stalk and the idea is that I should collect pollen from the first one and use it to fertilize the second. Since this is the first for me, any guidance is appreciated and I don't know if I will get any seed, but...
  18. vraev

    N. aristolochioides flower

    Hi guys, I just noticed my aristo is flowering. My first flowering nepenthes. I guess I need to wait longer to know if this is a male or female. But any idea? cheers, varun
  19. vraev

    Increased anthrocyanin expression - temperature

    Increased anthocyanin expression - temperature Hi guys, Did anyone notice that as the temperatures grow colder, the color of the plants seems to get better? I noticed that in all 3 of the heli species I own. I also noticed it in a couple of neps that were light green before which are now...
  20. vraev

    Tips for catopsis germination

    Hi guys, I figured I might show off something that I was surprised to see work sooo effectively. May be helpful for a lot of people in the future who plan to try and grow these from seed as well. A little while back ie., we did a BCP order where I ordered some B. reducta, B. tatei and catopsis...