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  1. fish30

    how long for d.capensis seed pods to mature?

    Yeah, I picked mine off when the flower pod was 1/3 brown. All the seeds were black, so thats plenty healthy!
  2. fish30

    Come Be My Friend

    Brilliant to hear from one of the biggest names in the CP world!
  3. fish30

    A Baby named Death

    What would you do if it escaped in the post? I wouldnt be comfortable owning a scorpion, nor other animals that make you ill like reptiles. I want a fish one day, and maybe a sugar glider!
  4. fish30


    Thanks! Ill buy the sphag from the link, and then get growing some. Then im able to buy myself an uprooted nep
  5. fish30


    Lets trade eBays? ;) Would you suggest this for vft pullings? To look after it im thinking of putting moist peat (About 4cm) at the bottom of a large tray and then put the sphagnum on top. I will then mist it loads in the morning and at night. Sunlight will be hidden but will be kept in a...
  6. fish30


    Hi, ive been wondering what you can use this moss for? http://plants-a-float.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=43&zenid=d5ba55c4e3ba2e1e5653b04b88d0734d In England we dont get much moss, ive been on the American eBay and got myself exited once by mistake! Thankyou
  7. fish30

    Year-round dionea seedlings?

    Dormancy gives you a much healthier plant in the long run, for the hassles of keeping it out of one you might aswell let it live natural!
  8. fish30

    repots, pics, pets..

    That white stuff is on one of my vft, its because the media is too crushed. I better get it repotted this weekend.
  9. fish30


    Nice! I love the pink label!
  10. fish30

    First LG. sarrs, few FAQs..

    Yep, good luck with your new plants :)
  11. fish30

    Warning for Cp Growers

    Unlucky, most garden centres that sell cp's will not recommend it to you. They will reccomend some plain cheap peat.
  12. fish30

    Summer D. 'B52'

    For an iPhone I have to say theyre amazing! Them pictures really make me want to buy one now!
  13. fish30

    Trouble for Sarrs??

    Maybe you should put them in a greenhouse, if you dont have one, you might aswell go out and buy one now as im sure you will some other day!
  14. fish30

    How do I create my own type of Vft?

    Yeah, I do find that annoying how its just another plant to add to the shopping list for pretty much a name. I guess most good ones are taken, but maybe not =D Thanks guys
  15. fish30

    How do I create my own type of Vft?

    Brilliant Matt, thanks for the help. Hopefully ill get a special few in the ones you sent me!
  16. fish30

    How do I create my own type of Vft?

    Ive been wondering, how do I make my own type of vft? Could I do it by taking a seed, and just naming it? Thanks
  17. fish30

    new neps & pitchers pics

    They look nice!
  18. fish30

    Happy Birthday, Ant!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. fish30

    Happy Birthday man!

    Happy Birthday man!