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  1. n bicalcarata

    Humidifiers and ac units for growchambers

    Recently i got a 4x4 grow chamber and it is way too hot and dry. I was looking for a humidifier for a small room and i thought of this first off would this work and second what ac should i use i want something that works and is pretty in expensive around $100 or so any ideas i need 65 - 70...
  2. n bicalcarata

    What is this? (?utricularia?)

    Heres some links to photos i know its hard to tell without flowers but here it is it came in a pot of nepenthes chianna x veitchii it was tiny when the pots came but now its almost as big as the nep so im really curious if its a weed or utric.If this is a utric could someone tell me if its good...
  3. n bicalcarata

    ??? how to make grow room benches ???

    ello I just got a grow chamber aka grow room and I know what lights i want http://http://www.plantlightinghydroponics.com/sun-blaze-t548-4ft-lamp-t5-grow-light-p-1938.html but i have no i dea how to make one level grow benches I dont want those annoying 5 or six level racks i have it set up...
  4. n bicalcarata

    Trade: Nepenthes seeds for Nepenthes pollen

    I have a Nepenthes Ventricosa x Spathulata that is in flower now. It is a female so im looking for some pollen the pollen donor will get 50% of all seeds produced. it is a medium flower so not much pollen is needed. Iam looking for pollen from any not to comman nepenthes like alata even...
  5. n bicalcarata

    Cooling darlingtonia roots !?!!!!???

    Im planing on getting a pot of darlingtonia:-O and have read you need to keep the roots COOL so how would you recomend this and also ive heard of the trickle method being good what the heck is that method and would it work to have a pump pump cool water through the soil i believe ive heard this...
  6. n bicalcarata

    germinating roridula

    :rookwoot:at the past icps conference i was able to get 12 roridula dentata seeds and some gorganias wich are from my plants :banana2: so i followed Matt Opels instructions on smoking them in a grill. i have been keeping them outside on my porch wich is what i heard to do. is this correct...
  7. n bicalcarata

    who has the strangest pet

    in this post everyone posts pics or the type of pet they have !!!:-O:-O:-O so well i have a snake and a puffer fish ok and a shrimp .... pretty normal .....what do you think so everyone post your strange aqnimal friends lets see who has the strangestpet of all :0o: cps included !!!
  8. n bicalcarata

    Unknown Cephalotus veriety

    On saterday of which was yesterday i got a ceph that i do not know the type . It is a small young plant but has inch long pitchers . The plant is green and has some red any ideas on the type .:poke:When i bought the plant it did not say any type but i have read that small plants with mediam...
  9. n bicalcarata

    My cephs home

    ???Yesterday I got a new cephalotus !!! I do not know what type it is , also i have only had one ceph before and it died .what should i do so this does not happen again ? what should i feed it ? do these questions differ from different types ?:poke:I will try to say what type when i figure it...
  10. n bicalcarata

    heliamphora Nutans typical

    I am ordering a nutans and I was wondering what the optimum mix for this plant ? Also what temp and humidity does it like ? I have a heterodoxa can i grow it similarily to the heterodoxa or does it need different conditions ? With my heterodoxa i have 2 hamatas . :banana2::boogie::banana2: will...
  11. n bicalcarata

    Everyone post pic of your helis

    I was thinking since we already have a picture post about hamatas why dont we make one for helis ? so why dont we ? so every one that can let us post heli pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lets see your heliamphora !! i will post mine as soon as i can !!:boogie: :banana2...
  12. n bicalcarata

    heliamphora heterodoxa

    :poke:I just got 2 heterodoxas , i was wondering do i only need sphagnum ? Also how fast does it grow ? finaily how big will it get and when will i need to give it a bigger pot .[now it is in a 3 inch pot] :poke::banana2::boogie:
  13. n bicalcarata

    where is cephalotas

    :poke::poke:where can i get a cephalotas ? i have had the dark blackish kind but it only lived for around 6 months . where can i get another one ? :boogie::banana2:
  14. n bicalcarata

    ventricosa and lowii questions

    hi everyone, well 3 hours ago i just got a lowii ventricosa and vtf cuptrap !!! I am very happy about that but i am wondering about the lowii and ventricosa . First of all can i keep them together and what conditions do they both like i know that the lowii is a lowlander and the...
  15. n bicalcarata

    my newest addition hamatas

    I just got two new hamatas !!!! They came 1 hour ago and i have been waiting two months !!! for pic of them look at the post '' My first hamata " by "Nhamata " I got plants in the same order as him:banana2::banana2::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::jester:
  16. n bicalcarata

    vtf bog

    i have my vtf in a bog right now with serracenia in my terrarium it is doing well but not catching any food and that same problem is with my serracenia so can i feed all of them the same food or can i only feed my vtf flies so they dont escape:poke::banana2:
  17. n bicalcarata

    large truncata questions

    hello i have a big truncata and right now it has two new leafs and it has pitchers ihave been feeding it crickets but it was not doing well with that so what should i feed it ? also when will i see that well known wing shape on pitchers:poke::banana2::boogie::poke::banana2::boogie:
  18. n bicalcarata

    x mixta

    i just got 2 new mixtas and 1 is growing like crazy the other bigger one is slow is this normal also they are about to pitcher what should i feed them flies bettles ants ? also as they grow do they need bigger food or just more small pieces? :poke::poke::banana2::boogie::banana2::boogie:
  19. n bicalcarata

    capensis care

    I just got a large d capensis and its about to bloom when i get seeds from it should I wait a while then plant them ? or should i plant them right when i get them and also when i plant them how long till they sprout ?:poke::poke::boogie::banana2::boogie::banana2:
  20. n bicalcarata

    Hamata questions

    I am getting a clone 1 hamata and I have questions about them : i have heard that they like 85 % humidity but my tank stays at 90 % is this ok , also how big should the tank be i have 5 gallons , and is it ok to keep it in my basement if i use a heater durring the day ...