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    black truncata??

    Exoticplantsplus is selling N. Truncata x Bongso. The traps are truncata-like and almost black. Jundging by the parentage it should be as easy to grow as N. x ventrata. Small ones are on sale for $30, big ones are a bit more.
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    New to terrariums and CPs

    WOW! Thats a lot of nice plants. They are good beginner plants and should all grow well in a terrerium in household temps and moderate-strong light(on a windowsill or under grow lights). Post pics when the utrics come into bloom. As far as an outdoor bog garden goes, you can grow almost all...
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    N. sanguinea

    life lesson #89342 Never put anything with N. truncata hertitage in a 10 gallon terrarium....
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    New Adrian Slack Book?

    ....along with osama and the "real killer" of O.J. Simpson's wife.
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    too warm

    Its been in the 50's, 60's and low 70's for weeks in atlanta. We havn't gotten a frost in weeks. in early december, we hit 80 . This is what happens when el nino is jacked up by global warming. On a lighter note.. Manbearpig dosn't care who you are or what you have done. I'm super duper serial!
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    mass-produced CP surprises

    My plant didn't make offshoots at the end of the leaves like a P. primuliflora. It was also significantly larger with longer leaves. The flower was similar to primuliflora, but pure white. The flowers where pure white until they died. Most prims start white and turn purple. Since this was...
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    Old Peat

    %@*# I just planted the terrerium a few days ago! There are only a couple plants in there, though. I am getting the bulk of my terreium plants in a few weeks. If anything goes downhill for an unknown reason, I'll change up the media. Thanks!
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    Any relatively easy Mex. Pings?

    Many ping growers are just itching to propose species status for every "form" of P. moranesis in cultivation. They are afraid to voice their opinions in fear that the taxonomy gestapo take them away.
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    Windowsill bical

    My specimen plant has experienced 40f one time and is exposed to conistent nightime lows in the high 50's over the winter. During this time, it gets spotty and sits there doing absolutely nothing. Thats why it will probably never get bigger than 2 feet by 2 and a half feet.
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    The Great Cornholio's Terrarium progress

    Okay, I started with an old 15 gallon terrarium with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. This terrerium is a classic terrerium for subtropical drosera and pinguicula. Bottom layer: 1 1/2 inch layer of washed pebbles Next layer: 1 inch layer of perlite Next layer: a small amount of lfs...
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    Old Peat

    When making my classic terrerium today, I used several old half-used bags of peat to make my peat/sand mix. The bags of peat had been open for long time and the peat itself was compacted into chunks. It loosened up when I mixed it with wet sand, though. I also noticed that it had a sour smell to...
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    The front parking lot of the nature center was converted into a giant bog garden with mature S. oreophila and many others. The nature center also has a huge nepenthes greenhouse (where the video was taken).
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    The Great Cornholio's growlist!

    2 yrs ago all of my Cps died off in a terrarium fungus incident of disastrous proportions. I am starting over again, growing my CP's with more light, less humidity and more air movement. Current growlist P. gigantea (almost the size of a dinner plate) P. x tina P. x titan P. x john rizzi P...
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    How I grow tuberous Drosera

    how do you keep them cold at night? I live in GA and this is tricky. I have a room with very poor insulation in my house that my family calls "the icebox". I doubt that it goes below 50 at night or over 65 during the day in the winter. Would this be OK? Also, I saw your mexi-pings and N. x...
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    Saddam Hussein executed today before dawn

    Personally, I think all people (even horrible dictators) have worth as human beings. Because of this, I am against the death penalty. If anyone thinks that killing a single person in revenge will solve the crisis in the middle east, they are sadly mistaken. The US govt will undoubtedly flaunt...
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    edwardsiana and macrophylla

    Last weekend I saw a N. edwardsiana in a private collection happily growing alongside lowlanders (ampuillaria, rafflesiana, sumatrana) as well as highlanders (burbidgea, veitchii, macrophylla, alata, lowii etc) in an intermediate (more highland in winter) greenhouse. The N. edwardsiana measured...
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    Pics - Recent Acquisitions

    Where did you get the D. glabripes?
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    Expanding my collection- which to get?

    Get D.admirabillis. They are great little plants. They are like miniature D. aliciae and produce massive amounts of dew for their size. I think cook's has some left.
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    drosera villosa cultivation

    Oops, it turns out that they were mislabeled. They are really D. ascendens.
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    I think I heard about you when I went to the now-defunct succulent nursery, Rareplants. Someone had a large P. xsethos clump and said that they got it from a grower in the area. did you used to go to rareplants?