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    Looking For (To Buy) easy to grow sundew plantlets, seeds, or leaf pullings for indoor and out in zone 8b

    looking for easy to plants or seeds or even leaf pulling if cloneable via leaf and price is right. trying get more plants with very limited budget all the sundew seeds i had did not germ
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    Drosera Seed What is too old ?

    recently i was digging through my things i found some drosera seed from 2005 -2006, i decided to plant them it has been about 2 weeks now not signs of life yet. the ones i have on moss are d. spatulata, d. capensis and d. burmanii . that had me wondering what are the oldest sundew seeds any one...
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    Hello From the PNW

    hello fellow CP'ers i have browsed the forums for while now, learned north American pitcher plants and cobra lily grow so much better outdoors. do not have much in way of place for many outdoor plants, so looking to get a terraium setup indoors have some dews and pings that will do ok. look...
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    cultured live fish foods?

    i been looking into culturing various live foods. but i have questions about the pproduction of a given type of culture i have the following cultures at this point . Red Wigglers White worms (just now getting established) vinagar eels microworms Black worms (in middle of getting established)...
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    Trade: sunlight supply new wave 24

    sunlight supply new wave 24 is a 4 bulb T5HO Fixture, this would need bulbs but has worked fine for me. brand new this site lists them for $126 http://homeharvest.com/highoutputfluorescentsnewwave.htm what i am looking to do is get back into growing CP the cp that excit me most, Cephalotus ...
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    Revive Dried out Drosera?

    is it insanity to think that some of my dried out cp might come back to life if put back into moisture? they all died and turned brown, now i'm doing experiment to see if maybe they will revive from root mass or not
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    WTT for some mexi pings or sundews

    man to make along story short, i had about 30+ sundews and all was weel for about a years time , then ig to aphids, and tried to use a product i never seen mentioned for CP and if killed most of my sundew, then lil while later i put them outside and some maintance guy accidently fertilized them...
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    what could i use to get rid of aphids on sundew, i thought of getting some lady bugs, but then i think to my self will they do the job of eating or will they get eatin them selves. not sure what other things i can do to my cp as most sprays reek havoc on them. maybe some of you more seasoned...
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    Trade ot free

    i have the following plants for trade or S&H 6 Binata mixed forms 10 Capensis Mixed Types 4 P. Primuliflora also have the following seeds for S.A.S.E 10 packets Capensis 4 Packets Spathulata also i'm going to limit how many plants to a single person(only applys to Free) no more then 3 plants...
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    Wanting Drosera and VFT .

    so if you have anything not on my grow list, mainly ping, drosera ,VFT. so if any of you got somthing not on my list ,especialy plants that do good indoors Please pm me .
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    What is the best way

    namely Paradoxa and falconeri. I have tried the water method with limited success, meaning the only plant i did this way that was a success was capensis. was going to try the media method to see how that works
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    petiolaris complex

    i would like to get some more of these. pm me with what you would like for wich ever one you have.
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    My New Pings

    I have 1 P. Moranensis , and i "Aphrodite" When is the best time to cuttings of both these Pings ?
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    CP Safe Fungicides

    my drosera adelaes are showing sings of the fungus that causes them to turn red and lose there dew. i do not know what kinda fungicide is safe for sundews, could somebody please let me know? TIA Rich
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    Back into CP, and want them all

    well about 6 or 7 years ago i had about 5 diff Droseras, 1 dalintonia, 1 Ping. lutea, and Dio. Typical and a red dragon. i loved them they where about 1 year old when they died , due to my illness(cancer), now i'm healthy and am trying to get back into this wonderful hobby, now i want just about...
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    Ceph. cuttings or seeds

    Looking for Cephalotus cutting, division , or seeds. PM me if you would like to send for S&h , as of right now my collection of cp are poor looking, with the exception of my D.adelae all the CP i got from a friends Experiments in plant torture, so i'm rebilitating them ...
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    java moss

    i would like to thin some of my java moss and am hoping to trade for a java fern or some other plant that will do good in the same tank
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    D. Adelae Self Polination

    if it possible to self polinate an adelae, then what would be the best way to go about doing so ?
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    PhreekinSundewMan's Grow list as of right now

    * indicates available for trade CP's 1 Typical VFT 1 Sarr. unknown hybrid 1 Sarr. Purpea 3 D. Capensis
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    Looking to diversify my limited collection

    i have 1 or 2 D. Adelae Plants i would like to trade for some other drosera, Ping. ulti., like D. Binata ,D. aliciae ,D. Faconerii,p. Cyclocecta etc. just let me know what you have to offer :-))