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  1. East_to_west

    Back at it!

    Hey all, Some of you guys might remember me from a little while ago. I took a break and travelled around for a while. I lost my entire collection recently when I left it for a few days during a move and my humidifier malfunctioned during a heat wave. I had some really cool plants and I feel...
  2. East_to_west

    Plant sitter in SoCal area needed! Will pay in nepenthes or cash!

    Hey guys and gals, I REALLY need a Socal area plant sitter for a few nepenthes and sarracenia for me for a few months (probably about 6) starting ASAP. I don't have a ton of plants, and most of my really rare and expensive one's will be shipped to a few friends of mine, but I still have a medium...
  3. East_to_west

    Plant sitter in LA area needed for a month!!! Also, some photos ;)

    Hey all, I've been somewhat absent from the forums lately thanks to a very complicated summer, but I wanted to check in and say hi! I'm also looking for someone to babysit my plants for the next month starting ASAP as I leave for Borneo on Tuesday. I'd be happy to pay for services, although I'm...
  4. East_to_west

    Looking for pinguicula laueana and esseriana!!

    Holla if you have any! I have a good amount of stuff for trade. Also looking for: N. tentaculata N. mira N. burbridgeae Pygmy Drosera Thanks!
  5. East_to_west

    Nepenthes trade offer

    I posted this on proboards originally, but I figured I might get a hit or two here as well: I'd love trade for any of these plants (or work something else out). Please PM me if you have any of the plants I'm looking for or if any of the ones I've listed below are of interest to you! What I'm...
  6. East_to_west

    LF U. menziesii And other utrics

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I might be able to find this species? I understand it's very difficult, but I've done a good amount of research on it's cultivation requirements. I have a good amount of things for a trade if thats an option, although I don't know of...
  7. East_to_west

    Nepenthes art and the most stylish terrarium ever!

    I though a lot of you guys/gals would find this interesting. This Japanese Azuma Makoto artist mainly creates sculptures and displays with plants (including nepenthes), but his bonsai terrarium is amazing! Just the design of the terrarium itself is really cool with no exposed parts, save the...
  8. East_to_west

    VIKING and trade offers

    Hey y'all, I'm looking for N. Viking (Mirabilis var. globosa) species and hybrids. I'd be most interested in Viking x amp (red) but I'd definitely consider anything else. I'm also looking for: * Always looking for clones/plants of tentaculata *** * ampullaria * eymae * glabrata * gymnamphora *...
  9. East_to_west


    I feel like Nepenthes sanguinea is a beautiful and often underrated species. There's tons of variability when it comes to color in this species. I figured it's cool enough to deserve it's own thread. Sanguinea remains one of my favorites regardless of the fact that it was one of my first...
  10. East_to_west

    Ventricosa x ovata GIVEAWAY!!

    Ok folks! Heres the dealio: Paul (whimgrinder) very kindly sent me a few vent x ovata cuttings a while back and I wanted to spread the love forward a bit! These cuttings are from a great hybrid and have rooted quickly and have started growing vigorously. I'll post a photo later on so you can get...
  11. East_to_west


    Hey all (for the second time in 24 hours..), The first CP I've ever bought was a VFT from a supermarket, but besides one thats growing on the other side of the country at my Mom's pad, I don't have a single fly trap. I'd love to try my hand at growing one and pay homage to the plant that got me...
  12. East_to_west

    Nepenthes companion plants??

    Hey all, I just posted this on proboards, but I figured I'd give it a shot here too: I've had this idea for a while and I'm now really itching to follow through with it: Do any of you know where I could find some companion plants that would be found growing in a HL nepenthes environment? I found...
  13. East_to_west


    Hey all. I love tentaculata! And I recently just lost my new tentaculata (Murad clone) and would really love to replace it without having to place another overseas order. I'd be stoked to find that variety and especially thrilled to find a plant that is less common (perhaps even a seed grown...
  14. East_to_west

    My first Bog garden and Maine photos

    So I went to northern Maine to visit one of my good friends last week and discovered an awesome bog while I was there. After telling a few of his friends about it one of them invited me to a bog on his parents property the next day and let me take a few plants to start my own bog garden. I got...
  15. East_to_west

    Looking for Amps and a few others

    Hey all, in a very unfortunate display of my absent-mindednes I left my LL terrarium outside on my porch for a night while I was rearranging my room. By the time I realized my mistake the next morning my Amp's ("lime twist" and "harlequin") as well as my singapore garden tech (which was pretty...
  16. East_to_west

    Flowering (Male) Spathulata x spectabilis looking for a lady friend ;)

    It's just opening up so I suspect I have a bit of time, although I've never dealt with a flower before so I'm not sure exactly how this game is played. Holla if you'd like to make a hybrid. It's a really awesome looking plant with a gorgeous striped peristome. Super colorful!
  17. East_to_west

    Lowlanders for trade! And looking for nepenthes...

    Hey all, I know these posts can be somewhat obnoxious, but I've found some great plants through requests like this! Thanks to all who have reached out in the past :hail: Scroll down for a list of things that I'm looking for regardless of trades for the below plants. I'll start by saying that I...
  18. East_to_west

    Raff and hopeful monsters

    I have a purple rafflesiana and a N. "hopeful monsters" merilliana hybrid with an unknown father plant that I might be willing to trade. I'm trying to confine my LLers to a smaller terrarium and free up the tent I'm using for them for some HL plants since I'm running out of room pretty rapidly...
  19. East_to_west

    N. ventricosa x globamorpha (belii) cutting for trade

    Hey y'all! I have one (maybe two) ventricosa x globamorpha rooted cuttings for trade. Globamorpha is a very old name for N. belii if I'm not mistaken. these cuttings come from a very old hybrid which is Ed Reed's favorite out of his collection at UC Fullerton. I'm running out of space and can...
  20. East_to_west

    More mexican ping ID's!!?

    I have no clue... Here are three different plants. I think two of them may be the same.. Any help would be appreciated!