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  1. Nepenthes0260

    (PAID) (Est $80) Better Late Than Never Bundle

    A bit late to the party due to some FL/AL bogging adventures this spring, but here's a neat CP material mix in a single bundle up for grabs. It contains: Drosera ordensis (Lake Argyle) x falconeri (Palmerston, NT)- one small SG plant Drosera capensis "Crestate" ex. Phito Carnivores- one small...
  2. Nepenthes0260

    (PAID) (adnedarn $55) Petiolaris Drosera Bundle

    Up for auction is a three-species Petiolaris dew bundle containing: D. fulva (Aposta) Clone 2 (first pic) D. aff. lanata (Flying Fox Creek) (second pic) D. broomensis (Deep Creek, the Kimberley) (third pic) Winner will receive one well-established, rooted rosette from each of the mentioned...
  3. Nepenthes0260

    PAID (Est $46) Sarraceniaceae Bundle

    For auction is a pack of one member of all three genera from Sarraceniaceae. The bundle includes: Darlingtonia californica seed-grown yearling Sarracenia x moorei (MPF-1 x MPF-2) Heliamphora tatei "Cerro Duida" x folliculata "Murosipan" The MPF-1 x MPF-2 is a 2018 Phil Faulisi cross that is...
  4. Nepenthes0260

    For Sale Heliamphora Seeds For Sale

    Yes, real Heliamphora seeds for sale. Heliamphora seeds are rarely offered and when they're available they're really expensive (four seeds for $20!!!) I harvested some H x (tatei "Cerro Duida" x folliculata "Murosipan") x self seeds today. I planted some but have the rest for sale. Five...
  5. Nepenthes0260

    Growing Red Hairy Hamata?

    Anybody grow RHH? Some people say to give them ultra-highland temps while others say they do fine in intermediate conditions. Some say it's for experts only and some say it's one of the most vigorous plants they have. Does anybody have growing tips for this guy?
  6. Nepenthes0260

    For Sale Gemmae for sale

    This time of year I usually start getting overwhelmed by gemmae. I planted all I need (and maybe more :lol:), though my pygmies are still making more. One packet is about 10-15 gemmae, which is enough to seed one 3-4" pot One mega-packet is about 50 gemmae, enough to seed about four 3-4" pots...
  7. Nepenthes0260

    Looking For (trade) U. jamesonia or/and U. asplundii

    Looking for Utricularia jamesonia and/or Utricularia asplundii. I'm low on money currently, so I would preferably trade. If you're worried about feedback, I have eight positive ratings on FTC. I have lots of rarer Heliamphora (H. parva, H x "Peter Pan", H. neblinae "Avispa"), lots of rarer...