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  1. nepenthesl0ve

    bog garden in hyperspeped

    hello, i decided to put in a fairly big bog garden this summer and took photos along the way. Maybe it will inspire someone else to do it or just reinforce that i am crazy. got the hole dug in a day and then took a couple weeks to fill the liner with peat and sand because it just took soooo much...
  2. nepenthesl0ve

    hamata hybrid list

    I am sure that I am not alone in loving hamata and many of its hybrids. Of course not all of them managed to capture the wonderful traits of both parents but I believe most are worth growing. I am collecting as many as I can and wanted to put together a list of all the crosses that are in...
  3. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (To Buy) Mexican pings

    I am looking for 4 or 5 Mexican ping species or hybrids to grow alongside some sundews. I know they are available through some nurseries but the prices are through the roof. I am perfectly happy starting with small plants Ideally I would want a couple that remain green and a couple that are...
  4. nepenthesl0ve

    Nepenthes grower trying some sticky traps

    Hello all, I just purchased a fair amount of Drosera seed from the online ICPS seed bank and will be trying my hand at growing them to maturity. For now I'll just list the ones chosen and ask how best to start these. I have t5 artificial lighting available and a glass tank if that would help. I...
  5. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes villosa

    I am looking for small young (and hopefully affordable) villosa, BE or seed grown hamata, BE or wistuba macrophylla, seed grown edwardsiana, and rajah. any xTM hybrids, hamata hybrids, lowii hybrids, and robcantleyi hybrids also welcome. I have some already but always looking for more. Thanks...
  6. nepenthesl0ve

    My Indoor Highland Greenroom

    Hello all, I built a relatively modest tent in my basement to start a new collection of highland Nepenthes and Heliamphora. It is only a couple weeks old and the plants I do have are still arriving and settling in but I want to get it documented and share the experience with others :adoration...
  7. nepenthesl0ve

    My ever evolving grow list

    Species aristolochoides seed grown Christian Klein aristolochioides (New Location, Sumatra) AW attenboroughii BE-3693 bongso (Gunung Merapi, Sumatra) AW boschiana BE-3643 burbidgeae BE 3848 burkei BE-3254 carunculata var. robusta Wistuba cornuta AW diatas PP diatas AW edwardsiana seed grown...