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  1. Goodkoalie

    Sarracenia and VFT give away (three winners)

    Hi all. Not the most exciting things I am giving away, but I have not seen them often in others growlists. In about a week I will pick three numbers. The first number gets to pick what they want first, then the second, then third. 1. 2. ... Shipping will be $6 sent either by paypal or mail. I...
  2. Goodkoalie

    Roseas from mobile co, AL

    Hello all. I am love with roseas. Especially roseas from the population Mobile co,. I love how short and tubby the pitchers look. (Plus look. Green grass. My grass has been dead for the year due to the drought) Clone A Clone N And for fun, a picture of Clone Q, the red throat ed clone...
  3. Goodkoalie

    Hello again

    Hello ever one. I have been really inactive over the last year but i am back ;). I live in California and i love all cps's but especially sarracenia. Happy growing
  4. Goodkoalie

    I think my Heli is happy

    I recieved this plant in a give away a couple of weeks ago. It just sat there doing nothing until last week while i was gone. It has colored up nicely under my lights, it used to be mostly green. It is also growing a few new leaves. This is my first ever heli Pics taken 12/2 The whole plant...
  5. Goodkoalie

    Some early fall pics of my plants

    Hello all. Here are some pictures of my plants. They don't look the best, because i had a terrible season with them (went on vacation/and house sitter forgot to water them. lost 75% of my plants and survivors had to be re-potted and were light starved.) but they still look decent. I hope you...
  6. Goodkoalie

    Sarracenia seed givewaway

    Hi all. I am giving away 2 packets of about 40 seeds each, they are S. oreophila x s. flava var, cupurea "BH" They are the first seeds i have ever harvested that have germanted for me, the batch i kept is growing well. http://sarracenia.proboards.com/thread/369/oreophila-alabama-clone Oreo...
  7. Goodkoalie

    Looking for S. 'Leah Wilkerson'

    Hi all, i am looking for S. 'leah wilkerson'. I have been looking forever for this plant. I will trade almost anything on my growlist, just let me know what you want. Thank you all
  8. Goodkoalie

    Wow a Mutant 2 flowers on a single stalk

    Hi all, i just saw this today, i cant wait to see it bloom
  9. Goodkoalie

    Flower watch, 2014

    I figure i still have at least a month until any of my plants have an open flower, but mine are all outside. I made a stupid mistake peeling off dead growth off my flava var. cupurea and ripped of the little sacks that protect the flowers and new leaves, i hope the plant is ok, i just need to...
  10. Goodkoalie

    Favorite sarracenia species?

    Hi all, i was wondering what your faorite sarracenia specius was. For me, it is S. oreophila and flavas.
  11. Goodkoalie

    Koalies Growlist/trade list

    This is all i could find for know, i will update more, as i add on to my list. Sundews: D. capensis "alba" D. 'califronain sunset' D. nidiformis D. spathula (seedlings) Venus Fly Traps: Typical Seed Grown 'big mouth' 'jaws' 'red piranha' Pitcher plants: S. alata S. alata "rubricuplata" S...
  12. Goodkoalie

    What My plants are Doing Late Summer/Early Fall (pic Heavy)

    Hi all i am back. And after a particually harsh summer my plants look like crap. The flavas are messes, venus flytraps have been super dry, and luecos hate my climate. They spend almost the whole year making phyllodia. My climate has humidity 0%, average summer temps is 99-100 degrees...
  13. Goodkoalie

    Is it legal to collect plants from your property?

    I was just wondering becuase my grandparents own probuially 20-30 acers in virgina and they told me they had a few spagnum bogs there. I was thinking there might be cps their and was wondering if i could legally take a few?
  14. Goodkoalie

    Koalie's sarracenia collection

    Here is where i will post pics of my sarracenia. Here are the first of the pictures(these were taken on wenesday, i will post more pics sometime this week): A S. oreophilla x purpurea subsp. venosa: A S. leucophylla: S. minor: s. oreophilla Sandhill Mt. x BCE S. flava var. cupurea S...
  15. Goodkoalie

    Looking for Aldrovnda

    I realloy want to try to grow a aldravanda. Here is a link to my growlist, let me know if their is anyplant you want and i will see what i have:-O http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/koalies-growlist-t19343.html
  16. Goodkoalie

    Looking for any Venus Fly Trap Cultivars

    I have a tiny collection of venus fly traps. All i have are typicals and a 'big jaws'. I will trade a S. leucophylla, S. minor, S. alata, S. rubra, Some Sarracenia seeds, or for a few venus flytraps, a cephaloutus division.
  17. Goodkoalie

    Hello all

    Hello all, i am aproaching my 2nd year of growing carnivorus plants. I am a 13 year old boy from the sacromento area of california. I love the genus sarracenia. My favorite plants are the S. rubra complex, S. alata, and S. minors. I have succesfully grown sarracenias, cephalotus, droseas, venus...
  18. Goodkoalie

    Goodkoalies Growlist

    Here is where i will post the plants i grow [Drosera D. capensis D. capensis "alba" D. binta D. adella D. x hybrida New Jersy Venus FLy Traps Typicals 'a2' Bcp B01 BZ 1955 'Big Mouth' 'Jaws' Peter D'amato Green Clone 'Red Pirhanna' 'Shogun Star' Nepenthes N. alata Heliomphora H. minor x...