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  1. herenorthere


    Welcome back - I think I remember your name from back in the day. I recently returned to the CP world and the forum after dropping out for very different reasons and at a much more advanced age. You might find the forum has a much slower pace than you remember, it certainly seems slower than I...
  2. herenorthere

    dry pitchers

    I think it's generally accepted that there's no need to add water to pitchers of the upright Sarrs and that to do so might be harmful - it dilutes what the plants secrete. Notice that most have pretty effective lids. But those plants are native to a much more humid climate than a lot of...
  3. herenorthere

    High water temps in bog a problem?

    I was hoping someone with more meaningful experience would chime in by now but let me take a stab at it. First of all, I grow my Sarrs in the NE US, not the SE, so have more insight regarding winter, not summer extremes. But I lived in Mississippi for several years growing up and also in...
  4. herenorthere

    (PAID) (Est $25) Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

    Plant shipped 6/4, expected arrival is 6/7.
  5. herenorthere

    What is this Growing Medium?

    Where is the photo from? Is it someone you can ask ... or could it be a random person who bought a Nep with no idea of what to do with it and posted a photo online? It might just be a thin layer of gravel over something else, as Pittsy said, but fine gravel might be a good growing medium if...
  6. herenorthere

    (PAID) (Est $25) Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

    Not a bid ... I'm bumping this because I added two photos showing the results of two additional weeks of growth.
  7. herenorthere

    (PAID) (Gadz $20) Mystery item

    My initial question would have been twice as thoughtful if I had to bid $2 instead of only $1.
  8. herenorthere

    (PAID) (Gadz $20) Mystery item

    $1 Is it a live plant?
  9. herenorthere

    (PAID) (Est $25) Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

    NEW (5/28): I've added two photos to show two weeks of additional growth/maturation The two largest pitchers (14-15") have nice rugelii coloring and four other pitchers are opening at a smaller size, with at least two more started. I confess to removing the flower shown in the original photos...
  10. herenorthere

    Need some help with mixing orchids

    I don't have orchids anymore but had many of them for a number of years before I decided to simplify my life by not growing orchids in the very limited, environmentally challenged space in my house. I had a coconut orchid, assuming you mean a Max. tenuifolia, and based on what I remember plus...
  11. herenorthere

    Give Away Mature Sarracenia

    I'd appreciate the flava rugelli or alata Covington LA if still available.
  12. herenorthere

    Sarracenia potting mixes

    I see references to Sarracenia potting mixes under various other threads, but didn't find one place listing the range of options and any good or bad experiences people have had with each. My S. alata is in a pot of wood chips, sitting in a pan of water. These wood chips are sold around here as...
  13. herenorthere

    Properties of alternative growth media

    It probably is safe to say that "...outdated information, lack of experimentation, and mostly fear..." are the biggest impediments to people doing all kinds of things they perhaps ought to do. The problem is that trying something new can require an intimidating leap of faith - I was willing to...
  14. herenorthere

    What do you want to bid on in the NASC 2022 Auction?

    I plan to bid on species Sarracenias.
  15. herenorthere

    Properties of alternative growth media

    Wood chips. I just repotted the S. alata I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread. I had potted the plant in playground wood chips after winning it in the 2021 NASC auction and this morning I found it had lots of healthy roots, no unhealthy roots, and I repotted it in new wood chips...
  16. herenorthere

    Properties of alternative growth media

    Back when I was growing orchids, the word was that coconut husk chips needed to be soaked and the water replaced a few times to get all the salt. If you think about it, it makes sense that the chips need soaking time to mobilize salt or whatever that needs to migrate through the material. That...
  17. herenorthere


    Thanks Acro. I will be doing the same.
  18. herenorthere


    Can people without Facebook accounts list or bid on plants, etc?
  19. herenorthere


    The plant was exactly as described, nicely packed, and shipped promptly. And, to top it off, the plant listed as having only one growth point now has two. Thanks Criss!