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    My Indoor Highland Greenroom

    Nice neps you have an army of them lol, could you do highlighted thread on the ones with red leaves?
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    Drosera Regia Issues

    I’m no expert but in my opinion that definitely looks to be too wet. I was thinking about planting mine in LFS/pearlite but I’m glad I didn’t for this very reason. I would slow the medium to dry a bit more before watering. I’ve struggled with D Regia in the past as well and the one I have right...
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    Drosera Regia strange growth habit

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been growing drosera Regia for many years have lost a couple and it’s always been at the same stage in their life. I can always easily get them to this stage in their lives but can’t seem to get them past it to true adulthood when they put up thick footlong leaves that are tall...
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    Pollen parent needed

    Yes it is, the flowers still Haven’t fully opened yet so there’s still time, and thank you
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    Pollen parent needed

    Hey man sorry for the confusion my address is >address removed<, the flower spike is not yet fully open so there’s still time for successful pollination if we move quickly
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    Pollen parent needed

    I appreciate that, it’s up to you if you want to try. I know international mail is tricky and the flower will be open soon but might not be receptive anymore by the time pollen arrives. This plant usually flowers multiple times during the winter in my conditions. But unfortunately as for correct...
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    Pollen parent needed

    Southeastern Massachusetts, I can be more specific depending on your location as well, thank you
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    Pollen parent needed

    Female Spathulata x Gymnamphora in bloom looking for pollen in exchange for half the seeds if pollination is successful. Very tough hybrid does well in a variety of conditions and adapts well to very low humidity
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