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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking to buy VFT JAWS All RED Variation- Does it exist?

    I am basically trying to find an all red variation of the large trap Jaws VFT if it exists. If you know where I can find this please let me know
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    Looking For (To Buy) WTB Darlingtonia Californica

    Looking to buy a potted Darlingtonia Californica of any size. thank you for your time
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    Looking For (To Buy) Looking for Drosera Rotundifolia seeds

    Was able to find all the seeds I was looking for except these ones. Oddly enough
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    Looking For (To Buy) Seeking well known drosera seeds

    Hi all, I was looking to get a variety of seeds from a variety of smaller drosera species that I don't have. I was hoping to get the majority of them from one person before spring. I will list the ones of interest below. please PM me and thank you for your time. D. intermedia, D rotundifolia...
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    Temperate Pings media question

    I know that Primuliflora, planifolia, and ionatha can grow in pure Live Sphagnum moss nearly submerged. However, should I grow Caerula, Lutea, and Pumila in Live Sphagnum as well but just with a lower water table than the other 3 or should I use a different media choice?
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    Is my Ant Plant dead?

    I can't find much information on my ant plant so I thought I would ask here to see who has experience growing these plants. My greenhouse got down to the low 30s this winter in southern California. I thought this plant was hardier than it is showing. I have since installed a heater on a timer...
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    WTB: WTB Drosera and Pinguicula species

    WTB: WTB Drosera and Pinguicula species Seeds and pullings will suffice as well. Please let me know if you can help me. Pinguicula rotundiflora x hemiepiphytica Pinguicula Laueana Drosera rotundifolia seeds Drosera latifolia Drosera graomogolensis List Date: 2/12/2017 For more info, click...
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    Cheapest alternative to distilled bottled water?

    What is a good reverse osmosis system that I can use instead of buying endless gallons of distilled water? Thank you for your time
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    Enagic Kangen Water machine?

    I have one of these machines and I am wondering if any of the ph settings are safe for carnivorous plants. thank you
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    Where to currently find Drosophyllum lusitanicum (Dewy Pine) Plants for sale?

    Can someone please PM if they have access to or are selling a growing plant of this variety. thank you
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    WTB: WTB various plants

    WTB: WTB various plants Drosera intermedia VFT red piranha VFT red fused tooth S Hurricane creek white S Judith hindle Dewy Pine List Date: 8/8/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: WTB various plants -------------------------------------- Want to Buy (WTB) Please...
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    Red growth around severed flower stem on VFT

    I trimmed a stem off of these recently replanted vfts and around the base of the severed stem weird pinkish growth has occurred. Can anyone tell me what this is? the severed stem has also become really fat. It is that big brown blob where the pinkish growth is surrounding
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    LED or T5 fluorescents strong enough for tall Sarracenia species?

    I have various species of Sarracenia, vfts, dews, and pings growing under the same LED light. I am worried that the LED light does not have enough blue and white for vegetative growth. The plants are in a mini greenhouse outside with the plants and the lamp is about 25 inches above the top of...
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    LED for 11 hours a day OR 4 hours of direct sunlight a day?

    I have a wide variety of VFTs, sarrs, sundews, and a few mexican pings all growing in a mini greenhouse on my patio. Now that daylight savings has occurred I have two options. Keep my plants in direct sunlight for only 4 hours a day or keep them under the same setup I have now: hidden in a...
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    Pinguicula ehlersiae or esseriana?

    This was a free plant with an order a long time ago. Since I got it it has grown to about 4 times it's size. Still don't know what kind it is, but I remember the name was one of those two. Also, will this plant blush or turn pink if I grow it under LEDs?[/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] - - - Updated - - -
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    Green Dragon vs Maroon Monster

    I know Maroon Monster is more condensed in growth while green dragon has longer petioles but is there much of a difference in trap size between the two? they seem to look very similar
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    Order these 3 plants according to heat tolerance

    As far as problems thriving with high heat (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit) please rank these plants from most tolerant to least tolerant and what temperatures are typically too high for them in your own personal experience. This is regardless of humidity. Drosera Regia Darlingtonia Californica...
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    Artificial dormancy- how long?

    I moved into an apartment that gets only 1 hour of filtered sunlight a day on the patio. Probably 3-4 when the time change happens. Due to this I started using a 300W LED grow light in my mini greenhouse as artificial lighting. The plants are outside and went dormant in October. I just started...
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    Grey fungus fungicide suggestions?

    What's a brand of fungicide for grey fugue that is safe for all carnivorous plants? Preferably one I can pick up at Lowe's. thank you
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    Where do you buy your hanging planters?

    The local home depot and Lowes only seem to offer plants in hanging pots but don't sell them by themselves. I'm just curious where you guys get your hanging pots for your nepenthes. thank you