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    D. Binata seed giveaway

    Hey guys I have some seeds from my Binata. I'm not sure exactly what variety it is since they grew from seeds that were in the pots of some Sarracenias that I obtained last summer. A guess might be that they are of the "Triffida" form. The rules are anyone can join just start a numbered list...
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    My one and only

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone else happens to grow this cross. Its a Spathulata x Ovata and I would love to see other variations of the plant since mine is seed grown I'm sure not everyone's will look like mine. I'm also not going to lie, this is my one and only Nepenthes at the moment and...
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    Venus flytrap form lowes

    I just got this guy form Lowes. It was the only one of this form, the others were dentaes. The traps are around 1 inch long. It came from a place called Altman plants and I have already looked at their website it doesn't help much. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Show off your Sphagnum moss

    I think I'll try posting a thread dedicated to Sphagnum moss. It seems like it is always sort of in the background but can be important in bringing the look of your plants to the next level. Just like bragging about your collection of Nepenthes or Sarracenia, show off your unique varieties of...
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    What species is this?

    I got These Sarracenia a few years ago from a nursery. Since then they have been propagated into many separate plants but I was never sure what exactly they are. Could you guys help me out? I'm pretty sure I know but just want to make sure. Thanks, here are some pictures.
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    Drosera Capensis "Wide Leaf" seeds

    I have an abundance of drosera capensis "Wide Leaf" seeds and wouldn't mind giving some away. They are self pollinated. This is S.A.S.E First come first serve First 15 will receive a ripe flower pod. Start list below and PM for address.
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    What exactly are these types of moss?

    I have I think about 3 different types of moss growing in some of my pots. If you know any of them could you tell me what they are called? I hope you can kind of tell what they look like here. Here are the spore pods I think (only the pear shaped ones the others I beliece are some utricularia...
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    Not sure what is happening

    I was able to sprout some VFT seeds, but both (after their first traps were formed) haven't been growing right, I think. They just grow these clumping tiny non opening leaves. Ive been growing them for around 3 months or so and nothing has really changed. I don't think this is normal is it...
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    Unknown Utricularia in Sarracenia pot

    Hey guys, my recent purchases are full of surprises! Just the other day I was admiring my Sarracenia when I spotted this flower growing in it. I believe it is of Utricularia origin? If you guys could help me out on identifying it I would be gratefully. I have never had one of these before, and...
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    Sphagnum moss?

    I found a couple little patches of moss somewhat nearby my group of sarracenia and they seem to be nearly identical (at least to my untrained eyes) to sphagnum moss growing in some of my pots. They are very small sprouts though. I live in Washington and I'm pretty sure sphagnum grows in my state...
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    Nepenthes Nighttime temp. drop

    I recently obtained a Nepenthes spathulata x ovata and have seen many opinions of growing nepenthes in general indoors. Some people say that they do very well indoors and adapt to the lower humidity and can also adapt to little to no nighttime temp drop. Is this true? My house is almost always a...
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    Seagrow 16-16-16

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of or used a fertilizer called seagrow 16-16-16. I first saw it at this site- http://www.nepenthesaroundthehouse.com/fertilization.htm and have looked around for it a little bit. It seems to be a little cheaper then Maxsea 16-16-16 and would like...
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    Unknown sundews found

    I have found these sundews in the pot of a recent sarracenia purchase and would be grateful for any guesses as to what they are. Im thinking that the ones to the outside are tubers? They appear to be the same species.