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  1. pappydew

    Looking For (To Buy) Looking for certain Drosera

    Going out on a limb, but can't hurt to ask. Anyone have any of these available? D. ultramafica D. oblanceolata D. intermedia-(sub)tropical locales only D. capillaris-(sub)tropical locales only D. graomogolensis D. tomentosa var. tomentosa D. esmereldae D. graminifolia D. roraimae pygmy gemmae...
  2. pappydew

    Back in the game

    Hey y'all. I had to stop my collection a couple years back to finish up school, but now getting back into it. Seems most of the action has shifted to places like Facebook and Reddit, but still wanted to see who's all still around here. :wave:
  3. pappydew

    Need help with RO/DI faucet adapter

    Hey all! It's been a while, but I need some help... I use the BRS 4 stage value+ RO/DI system for my water supply. The apartment I live in recently changed the faucet to one that only has inside threads, compared to the previous faucet that had outside threads to attach the diverter valve to...
  4. pappydew

    D. spatulata relatives and flower color

    I have what was sent to me as D. x tokaiensis and D. spatulata "Fraser Island" and I'm worried I got them mixed up label-wise since they're super similar. However, both are flowering now and from what I've gathered the first is generally pink while the latter is white. Is that consistently true...
  5. pappydew

    When should I start feeding Drosera seedlings?

    I have some seeds sown about a month ago that have now germinated. Some of them appear to be making carnivorous leaves, but they're clearly too small still for solid food. I have some MaxSea on the way, but when is a good time to apply it and at what strength? I've read 1/4 tsp per gallon but...
  6. pappydew

    I don't understand people...

  7. pappydew

    Should I trim old leaves?

    Many of the dormant rhizomes I received a couple weeks ago still had old pitchers and/or phyllodia from last season. Most are waking up, slowly but surely, but I'm wondering if the plants may be putting too much energy into trying to maintain the older leaves (some are still rather green) rather...
  8. pappydew

    Jpappy's porch growing thread

    Jpappy's porch growing photo thread Got a bunch of new plants in today and ready to start my outdoor collection. All US natives and hybrids at the moment. Apologies if Sarracenia names are a bit incorrect, my taxonomic knowledge of the genus is a bit rough so this is how they were labeled from...
  9. pappydew

    Transitioning to outdoor growing during dormancy

    I failed to do my due diligence and research what to do before my plants arrived, but today I only received a small batch (a D. filiformis, D. intermedia and a P. primuliflora). The former two are definitely dormant, but the primuliflora is flowering. Next week I'll be receiving a big order of...
  10. pappydew

    Some local S. minor

    Went with the UF Wetlands Club to a local bog in honor of World Wetlands Day, which is tomorrow. The water level was pretty high, but still plenty of S. minor, Sphagnum and Utrics, and we even spotted a few D. intermedia that were floating around.
  11. pappydew

    Worth trying to start with rhizomes?

    So I've never really delved into the Sarracenia world, but now that I have a south-facing patio I want to start over with outdoor growing. I'm in north central FL (9a) so "winter" is maybe a few nights here or there that get down in the high 20's/low 30's. I'm honestly not even sure what the...
  12. pappydew

    Growing outdoors in 9a

    Hey all! It's been a while...long story short, I'm moving to a new place here in Gainesville that has some outdoor space and I'm thinking of downsizing my collection (pretty much exclusively Drosera now) to those that can do well outside year round. 9a indicates winters that can get down to...
  13. pappydew

    U. longifolia fungus

    I recently got some U. longifolia but there seems to be a bit of white, fuzzy fungus developing along the surface of the media. It's currently planted in some LFS, although it came with peat around the roots. Temp ranges from 68-80F depending on the time of the day. Humidity usually 50-70%. I...
  14. pappydew

    ID these spatulate Drosera

    Love the rosetted dews but IDing is certainly not my strong point! I feel like D. spatulata or some sort of derivative is the obvious answer, but I want to be sure. So I got these from a local garden center. Has grown like gangbusters. Unfortunately no current flowers although it has been...
  15. pappydew

    Mineral media gone anaerobic?

    I decided to try a different type of media for my Mexican Pings, they were doing ok but it always seemed like they were too wet in a peat based mixture. So I experimented with a new mixture, which included lava rock, dolomite, vermiculite, perlite and turface (APS) and threw in a very miniscule...
  16. pappydew

    Drosera tokaiensis x rotundifolia?

    I purchased a plant labeled as such and was wondering if that's possible. I understand the origins of D. tokaiensis as spatulata x rotundifolia but I also read they are self fertile. Is it possible then to back cross with a rotundifolia? Or was the plant just labeled incorrectly? I seem to...
  17. pappydew

    jpappy789's grow rack - let's get this back to its former glory!

    jpappy789's grow rack - recovery mode This is going to be my motivation to put some more work into my plants...because, well, they don't look so good right now. Probably not as bad as I'm going to make it out to be, but I've certainly seen these plants at their best and this isn't it...and I...
  18. pappydew

    Starting up a planted tank again

    Recently started up an aquarium again, finally. Here's my 20 long...currently cycling.
  19. pappydew

    Portable RO unit for an apartment???

    Portable RO unit for an apartment?? Curious if anyone has used any of the "portable" RO units out there marketed for RVs/Campers and such with their CPs. I generally only go through about 2-3 gallons of water a week so wondering if it would A) even be economical and B) if these are efficient...
  20. pappydew

    Small hanging pots for Neps?

    So I have a ventricosa and miranda and was hoping to find some small hanging pots/baskets to put them in to hang from my wire grow rack. Something like this...