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  1. Fygee

    Looking For (To Buy) Drosera Adalae and Cephalotus seeds or plantlets.

    Would like to give these a go for my CP garden. Looked around the internet and retail they're either out of stock or stupid expensive. Thanks!
  2. Fygee

    Growing Nepenthes indoors in Vegas.

    Any recommendations on ones that would be well suited (or at least a bit more tolerant) for our indoor climate, notably ones that can tolerate drier environments than others?
  3. Fygee

    Old timey newbie.

    Been away from here for 13 years. Delighted to see that the ICQ and AIM icons are still there. What a blast from the past. Anyways, decided to get back into CPs after a 10+ year hiatus and cutting my teeth doing a lot of general gardening here in Vegas. Looking forward to picking everyone's...
  4. Fygee

    Growing drosophyllum in Las Vegas.

    After a long hiatus from CP collection and care, I've decided to get back into it. I did a lot of research and across this plant, and its supposed love of dry, hot summers and non-freezing winters. I'm very intrigued about it as it appears to literally be the only CP that has a chance of growing...
  5. Fygee

    Websites to purchase aquarium lighting?

    Would someone be as kind to direct me to a website(s) where I can purchase lighting fixtures that go on top of aquariums, along with plant growing light bulbs to accompany them? The one I have now is mediocre at best, and while my Burkei has flourished like crazy for the past two and a half...
  6. Fygee

    My baby drosera is flowering

    At least I think it is. Much to my surprise, my baby spatulata sundew came out of its relative dormancy and now I've got a very thin but somewhat long thing stemming out of the center, and definetely looks different from the normal leaves. My question is, is it okay to let it bloom, or should I...
  7. Fygee

    My vft is turning.....frilly. o_o

    I recently purchased another VFT from a local store, and was astounded by the very huge traps it had, so I figured it was a winner. It did look like it didn't have much light in its few weeks in the store, so I figured it would take some time to recoup into its uber self. Now, the plant is...
  8. Fygee


    I have two Burkei's planted in one pot (one three year old and one newbie), which is how I recieved it, and previously they had been sharing the pot quite nicely with no problems. However the juvenile plant has recently had a gigantic growth spurt, suddenly growing leaves 3 times the size it had...
  9. Fygee

    Problem with filling my pitchers with some water.

    I have what appears to be a normal, healthy, run of the mill Sarracina P. that I recently purchased at Home Depot. After reading both the care instructions that came with the plant, and on this site, I filled each of the active, grown pitchers roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of water. Unfortunately, doing...
  10. Fygee

    Leaves growing, traps dying.

    I'm stumped. My green dragon appeared to be coming out of its root shock funk just fine. All the leaves died, but some very promising sprouts started to grow and it looked like it was starting to find some new vigor. Now, for some reason, the traps on the sprouts are croaking, whereas the...
  11. Fygee

    For the video game lovers amongst us.

    Doom 3 will be out in a few days, and its looking to not only be the scariest game ever, but its a technological marvel to behold in terms of computer gaming graphics. Will anyone be picking this up once its out on August 3rd? Here's the trailer...
  12. Fygee

    I've got a new plant growing from an uncut leaf.

    Well color me pink and call me Bob, I was mighty surprised today to see a plantlet growing from an uncut leaf on my critical condition Drosera Adeale. Seems like its bound and determined to keep the family line going in the event it doesn't make it. So now I'm wondering on how to go about this...
  13. Fygee

    Question about the amount of feeding per pitcher.

    I'm curious as to how much I should feed per pitcher on my Burkei. Pitchers are of average size, and I've got squash bugs up the arse in my backyard. Approximately how much should I feed? Say, halfway up the pitcher, 1/3, to the top, etc? I'm also curious as to what's the optimum amount of...
  14. Fygee

    I've got....snails? o_o

    This comes as a bit of surprise to me. I figured that only little critters like sphagum pnats and the like popped up in terrariums, but today I found an ever so tiny snail resting on one of my VFT leaves. Normally I wouldn't be concerned, but most of my plants are recovering from rather nasty...
  15. Fygee

    Need some tips on making my burkei happy.

    I recently recieved a three year old burkei neph from that nice fellow who had that contest in the trading forum. Its a real beaut, looks healthy, and has another small one growing as a bonus. I want to do my absolute best to make sure this plant lives a long healthy life, and being that I'm a...
  16. Fygee

    My sundew is croaking.

    My sundew adeale (or however you spell it) had a bit of a rough time after I transplanted it from its super tiny pot to my terrarium. A few leaves died, but after a few days it seemed to perk up a bit, and was producing 4 new visible leaves in the center. Everything was looking peachy. However...
  17. Fygee

    Kind of an odd question about fertilizer

    Alrighty, not kind of odd, but really odd. I read that certain VFTs and other carnivorous plants do quite well if you add a bit of 1/4 strength fertilizer once a month or every few months. Now, here's the thing. I have a dwarf rabbit, and along with him being extraordinarly cute and fluffy...
  18. Fygee

    Question regarding my vft.

    A just recieved a spiffy and healthy Green Dragon, along with my terrarium and soil from this website, and transplated it in along with my sundew. Thing is, I have rather large hands, and the opening for the small terrarium made it so getting the plants in proper without causing too much shock...
  19. Fygee

    Sundews with the longest tenticles and most dew.

    All of the sundews I've seen for sale here in Vegas are of the small, low dew producing kind. I'm just curious as to which sundews have the highest dew and longest tenticle yield, how easy they are to care for, and where I might be able to find them for purchase (grown or seed).
  20. Fygee

    Sundew n00b, need a spot of help.

    Alrighty, being a newbie to carnivorous plants, I recently picked up a Sundew Drosera at my local Home Depot (everyone's favorite supplier of carnivorous plants ). There's no details on the label as to what subspecies it is, but I'm guessing its a D. Adelae as it looks a lot like this picture...