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  1. Ras

    Looking For (trade) Need True D. Admiribilis 'floating'

    Anyone know a trusted source to get D.Floating?
  2. Ras

    Orthene or Acephate on carnivorous plants?

    I have a bad thrip problem I have 97% acphate powder but never used it on flytraps or sars anyone know how much to use per gallon?
  3. Ras

    Looking For (trade) Petiolaris Dews

    If anyone has any for trade or can point me in the right direction it'd help, just pm me thanks.
  4. Ras

    Looking For (trade) Admiribilis 'Floating'

    Looking for D. Admiribilis floating. Pm me
  5. Ras

    Albino Ivy?

    I met someone who has a variegated ivy plant that from time to time puts out vines with pure white leaves. Does anybody know about this? I'm curious if there is a clone or strain of ivy that is pure white?
  6. Ras

    For trade/wanted list

    Will keep this list updated For Trade 2 packs of Admiribilis "floating" seeds 25s ea 1 pack Anglica hawaii kanaele bog 25s ea unlimited drosera intermedia "Roraima" seeds Drosera Madagascarensis plants 2+ inches tall intermedia roraima plants fully mature 2 S. "tarnok" fully mature 1 S. "leuco...
  7. Ras

    song created specifically for plant growth?

    I feel like I've heard of some guy who created a song specifically for plants, has anyone heard of this?
  8. Ras

    treating sphagnum culture with peroxide?

    I was wondering if anyone has experience treating with peroxide on sphagnum specifically and if they have a ratio that worked for them. the fungus isnt overwhelming the moss but I'd like to get it under control before it does. the moss was in an undrained tray with a humidity dome on it when it...
  9. Ras

    looking for sarracenia flava atropurpurea seeds

    wondering if anyone has some pants flowering and might have seeds this season maybe we could work something out, pm me if interested please
  10. Ras

    want list

    any warm-temperate pinguicula except primuflora D capensis "bainskloof" D aff. paradoxa "metallic orange flower"(and other woolly sundew, but specifically this one) D filiformis "florida red" D filiformis "florida giant" D sessilifolia "pink flower" mato grosso brazil D hartmeyerorum most of my...
  11. Ras

    p. sp. guatemala 3100m care?

    like any other mexican ping? or does it not go dormant (its labeled tropical at cascade)
  12. Ras

    4ft t8 recomendations?

    looking for cheap 2 bulb 4ft t8 lights that wont break down after a few months, preferably from lowes, home depot, walmart or some other big store. OR somewhere online that has free shipping on larger orders. I was going to buy these...
  13. Ras

    woodchips in peat

    is it bad if you dont remove the woodchips found inside peat bales
  14. Ras

    question about peat washing

    will someone explain the bold part 7.Now fill the pail with the ringed-out peat up to the 1/2 or 3/4 mark (depending on how much you recovered) with rainwater, distilled or RO water. . To speed things up, you will rinse twice more (or 3 times to be extra safe) with rainwater or purified water...
  15. Ras

    looking for this sessillifolia

    from somewhere in mato grosso I believe post or pm me if you have it so we can work something out please. thanks
  16. Ras

    need opinions

    blended (put through a blender) sphagnum moss vs peat moss is there any difference other than the sphagnum being cleaner?
  17. Ras

    looking for pings and sundews

    Pinguicula moranensis red rosette (santa catarina juquila oaxaca, mexico) seen here P crenatiloba P planifolia P involuta P calyptrata P titan p gigantea I am also looking for sesilifolia with pink flowers (pink, not whiteish pink ) I dont care if its seed or plants and petiolaris sundew...
  18. Ras

    mexican ping experts come (water question)

    this is my water report, i don't think it has* changed much or my fish would show it (they are very sensitive and their colors usually change when there is a difference in the water quality ..or temperature) would this water be safe for mexican pings, or would it be better if it were diluted by...
  19. Ras

    list of calciphilious (calcium-loving) mexican pings?

    I would love to know what pings can potentially tolerate calcium.