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  1. scottychaos

    Story of the name

    I actually dont like my screen name, and wish I hadnt used it..but its too late now! ;) 20 years ago, 1995, I was 25 years old and in a band named "Johnny Chaos".. We played for 5 years, 1995 to 2000, all over Rochester NY. The internet came along during that time, I got my first computer, and...
  2. scottychaos

    Overwintering Sarracenia Bare-root

    I strongly disagree with that.. Im in zone 6, Western NY, and its waaaaaaaaaay too cold to overwinter Sarrs and VFT's outdoors.. Ive tried it..several times..they didnt make it. yes, if its a milder winter they *might* live..maybe..but IMO there is a 50/50 chance of death. and its not just the...
  3. scottychaos

    VFT care question (Brown to black)

    miguel, you have a weak plant..not your fault, it was that way when you bought it. you are also over-fussing with it, and over-thinking..here is what you should do: 1. dont repot it. 2. put in a tray of distilled water, or rain water. 3. put it outside in FULL sun. not indoors, not on a...
  4. scottychaos

    My poor plants! (longest..dormancy..ever!)

    Update!! Spring 2015. As I said above, I used to take my plants out of dormancy in Mid-February, after 3 and 1/2 months, then let them come out of dormancy in an indoors window until its warm enough for them to go outdoors in April. Im not sure exactly what year I started this new method, of...
  5. scottychaos


    If you have the fridge space, you can wrap up the plants pot and all.. if space is more limited, removing the rhizomes from the pot and wrapping them in some damp spagnum, then putting them in zip-lock sandwich bags, also works..I have a few "demos" about it, here...
  6. scottychaos

    How many plants do you make each year?

    Im probably WAY in the minority, but: -How many crosses do you make each year? none. -How many seedlings do you produce and grow each year? none -How many plants do you cull? none -How many plants/seedlots/seedlings do you purchase? none I have been growing CP's for 20 years now, and I dont...
  7. scottychaos

    Incoming Winter / Dormancy

    no problem! glad you found it helpful! :) Scot
  8. scottychaos

    Incoming Winter / Dormancy

    They need both. there has been discussions to try to prove that one is "more important" than the other, but I dont buy it. IMO, both are equally important..if you have only one, but not the other, you wont get a proper dormancy. If one was to be "more important" it would have to be cool temps...
  9. scottychaos

    I'm so confused what to do for winter dormancy! help!

    Darlantin, here is what you should do to give a proper dormancy for your VFT's and Sarracenia: Put your plants outside. leave them there 24/7/365. forever. the end. seriously, you live in the the native range of many sarracenia! yes, you are further south than the native range of VFT's, but...
  10. scottychaos

    Incoming Winter / Dormancy

    No, not correct..if they are in a "deep dormancy" at temps of 35 to 45F, (+2 to +7 Celsius) they need no light at all.. my VFT's and Sarrs spend 4 solid months (sometimes 5 months!) at those temps, in pitch darkness the whole time..they do fine. been doing it that wayt 20 years in a row now, and...
  11. scottychaos

    Help with a VFT from OSH

    I never even notice what sub-forum I am in! ;) I read terraforums with "new posts".. which simply shows all posts that are new since the last time I visited. I then open specific threads in new tabs if I want to read them.. I never pay any attention to what specific forum a post is in, so I...
  12. scottychaos

    Help with a VFT from OSH

    looks fine to me too..but im not confused about what he is asking..because he (or she) didnt ask anything! ;) ps3, how about some clarification? Scot
  13. scottychaos

    How many gallons of water do you use a months and how much do you pay?

    I have never really kept track, but depending on the rainfall, (less rain means more water I need to use) I would estimate I probably use about 5 gallons a week average..20 to 30 gallons a month. and I pay zero dollars for it: Scot
  14. scottychaos

    S. rubra ssp. alabamensis

    For most Sarrs growth is really slowing down this time of year, as the plants prepare for dormancy. So as far as the plant is concerned, the active growing season is mostly over.. which means the fact that it might a bit "crowded" right now doesn't matter much this time of year, because the...
  15. scottychaos

    Plastic cups over VFTS in the store? kill em or save em?

    Dont need to remove the dome to water the plants.. most places I have seen that have death cubes water them by sitting the pots in a shallow tray of water.. that is the places with least a small clue.. places with no clue dont water at all...in which case removing the dome increases the speed of...
  16. scottychaos

    Plastic cups over VFTS in the store? kill em or save em?

    There is some important data missing from the woman at the counters story.. most likely they "withered and died" because removing the tops caused the media to dry out much faster, within a day or two, and no one knew enough to water them, or to put them in trays of water.. Just "removing the...
  17. scottychaos

    My growing setup. Any pointers?

    Step 1. - grower switches from 100% indoors and 0% outdoors, to some of the time indoors, and some of the time outdoors. its a start! :) Step 2. - grower will realize its SO much easier and better to just keep them outside all the time! ;) Scot
  18. scottychaos

    My growing setup. Any pointers?

    Doesnt matter about Colorado humidity..they will *still* be much better off outside than in a terrarium. yes, light output is a big priority..use the sun, outside. ;) its bright and its free. Doesnt matter..they will *still* be much better off outside than in a terrarium. No it isnt..people...
  19. scottychaos

    anyone else bothered by those massive fake cp videos on youtube?

    They are just scammers trying to make some money from youtube views.. the good thing is, they are failing miserably at it! ;) Check out the view counts on this guys videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUUkiLF5ufUJphJwEA4HtQ Eventually they will learn its not worth the effort to get 4...
  20. scottychaos

    ....and Porches...

    yep, my plants are also way behind this year.. My first Sarr pitcher opened up about 2 weeks ago.. Scot