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  1. srduggins

    Back from the dead

    I (and my plants) have been MIA for quite a while. The previous collection I accumulated in so. cal. is no more (sob). I moved to Ohio six years ago and after keeping a couple Neps alive here, I caught the bug again. Currently growing in a chamber in my basement under lights, I plan on moving...
  2. srduggins

    Picture Parade

    Just got back from a week's vacation and took a few pics. Just thought I would share them here in one thread: ventricosa C and K#2 - this has to be one of my favorite species and hybrid parent. Love the narrow waist and horizontal peristome. I've seen (and grown) better examples of these, but...
  3. srduggins

    truncata x TM

    Yes, another xTrusmadiensis cross. I hope you're not getting sick of them, but I just love hybrids with TM. Looking forward to upper pitchers, but until then I was pretty excited about this one opening: Until this one showed up right next to it (different clone): It took on this strange...
  4. srduggins

    talangensis x veitchii

    Nice peristome before it folds back: Even after it folds back: But I like this pink clone better: Even if it does fade a bit with time:
  5. srduggins

    hybrids with mira

    Not a lot of breeding being done with mira, but here's a couple: maxima x mira - these pitchers were formed hanging in space. They get bigger when they have something to sit on (coming soon) truncata x mira - really need something for scale here. That's a 9" pot the pitcher is sitting in.
  6. srduggins

    My turn to brag (ventricosa x TM)

    Yeah, yeah, all I do is post pics of my plants, sue me (well not really). I'm really liking this wide, nearly flourescent green model: but this red, lowii-like version is nice too: Just hanging with a maxima x TM (on the left) and the TC version (Sabre) *TM = xTrusmadiensis
  7. srduggins

    Summertime pics

    With summer finally here, things are starting to take off, including: 3 different clones of spathulata x (lowii x ventricosa) 2 different clones of lowii x truncata veitchii - bareo highlands and tobaica x (ovata x veitchii)
  8. srduggins

    variation in back-crossed hybrids

    In a crossing of Nep. A x (Nep A x Nep B), you may think the results would be less variable, and much more like Nep A. With only 1/4 of a different species, the progeny seem to be much more variable than the primary hybrid used with some very interesting traits coming out. Or you may already...
  9. srduggins

    Does a basal steal energy from the main vine?

    In this case, I'd have to say yes:
  10. srduggins


    These maxima upper pitchers are eating ants like crazy. The dark lower portion of these pitchers are full of ants. I tried to get a pic of the inside and this is the best I could do so far.
  11. srduggins

    New pics

    I've been waiting a while for a nice pitcher on this one. Seems to be pickier than most. A couple different clones of maxima x TM from EP truncata x TM I just liked the look of these:
  12. srduggins

    (spathulata x aristo) x (lowii x ventricosa)

    This cross is bound to have a lot of variation in it. It's probably hard to find two plants that are alike. This little one is showing a lot of promise in its coloration and wide peristome with a narrow mouth: I'm not sure why, but this one always seems to have this curvey pitcher body. I like...
  13. srduggins

    Road Trip

    It's always nice to visit neighboring growers and get some tips from them. I was priviliged to visit Daniel's greenhouse over the weekend and wanted to thank him for his hospitality and wanted to share some pics with you. One of his favorite plants is this ventricosa x TM This plant had a...
  14. srduggins

    variation in spathulata x (lowii x ventricosa)

    Well if you didn't like spectabilis x (lowii x ventricosa), perhaps you'll like this one better. Although, from the species involved, you might expect the other hybrid to be more spectacular. Just consider spectabilis x veitchii and spathulata x veitchii. Sometimes you just don't know how...
  15. srduggins

    maxima x Trusmadiensis

    Here's another reason why I get more than 1 clone of hybrids that I like.
  16. srduggins

    thorelii x trusmadiensis (picture intensive)

    My favorite hybrids (besides lowii) are hybrids with Trusmadiensis. Tough to pick a favorite, but it would have to be this thorelii x TM. If you like the pitchers before the peristome curls back, then this is the one for you. The peristome never curls back on this one (it does on my other...
  17. srduggins

    Nep trade

    I am looking for plants or cuttings of: boschiana spectabilis x veitchii - striped maxima x TM - Phill Mann clone maxima x (lowii x ventricosa) any interesting lowii or veitchii hybrids any new EP hybrids I have a number of things to trade plants or cuttings of: lowii x (spathulata x maxima) -...
  18. srduggins

    Who gave me this female veitchii?

    i'm looking for the individual who traded me this female veitchii.
  19. srduggins

    female campanulata in spike

    Looking for campanulata pollen.
  20. srduggins

    spectabilis hybrids in bloom

    I have two very nice spectabilis hybrids that opened their first flower today. I should have pollen for a few weeks. These would make great fathers! spathulata x spectabilis spectabilis x veitchii