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    Greetings, from So California!

    :welcome: Hope you find what you're looking for. Lots of knowledgeable folks to help. I've been keeping mexican pinguicula for just over a year with reasonable success. P. Esseriana was my first. I really love how petite and tidy the rosette is. I grow pings in volcanic rock and sand, they...
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    Sarrs in CO

    We all know the feeling of tripping over our collection as we prep them for this that or the other. Your right, they tend to be less photogenic where they grow best. You have a lot more than most, but It's good to see that these challenges don't go away. That even you, with your vast success...
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    Plant of the Month April 2021

    Not insectivorous, likes wet feet though. Should be able to flower for us before month's end. Tacca Chantrieri
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    Some new pics from here and there.....

    You're making me really appreciate Rafflesiana hybrids 😌. Always enjoy seeing what you've got going on.Thanks for sharing!
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    That's some next level stuff! I know there is a high failure rate for flasking because contamination can occur at every stage. You have a very long and rewarding journey ahead of you. Imagine being able to showcase an update in 3-5 years when they flower! Honestly, we are looking to you to give...
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    Cobras: Take 2

    Eek! Good angle on the traps
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    Sarrs in CO

    By far my favorite!! :-))thanks for the update, excellent growing 👍👌
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    Dialing-in an UHL grow chamber

    Should have mentioned that the fan that cycles to control the growtent temp reduction is a 50cfm fan. I Added 195cfm inline fan to draw from the chamber at the same time (in parallel). This was to draw a vacuum on the chamber and better seat the acrylic cover by compressing the gasket. I was...
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    Screenshot_20210325-162502_La Crosse Mobile.jpg

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    Vines: What do they Climb?

    Cork bark wrapped PVC will give you the aesthetic you are looking for and it's a technique that has been shown to work. You can use rounds or sheets depending on if your light source will move about the mount. Hope that's easier than trying to source a log from the wild 😜
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    Vines: What do they Climb?

    Second the concerns, unless it's drifting out of a bog or fen etc., it's loaded with minerals and salts and will be a death sentence for most epiphites.
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    Dialing-in an UHL grow chamber

    Thanks! maybe I'll put together a Bill o' Materials for those out there looking to learn from my mistakes.
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    The dumbest thing I have ever done..... To a CP

    My first attempt at growing drosea was to put D. Binata, D. capensis, D. Filiformis, D spatulata in one "bog" that was basically water up to the top two inches and straight LFS! I wish all I did was cook em. That would be less embarrassing 😳. I took plants with vastly differently growing...
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    Dialing-in an UHL grow chamber

    Because that wasn't enough... I needed to fix humidity. So I decided to install vent hoses between the grow chamber and my intermediate grow-tent. I did this with a 4in hole-cutter and I used some 1-way dampers and bathroom duct hose. So, should I draw suction on the chamber or the tent? I...
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    Screenshot_20210319-054711_La Crosse Mobile.jpg

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    Dialing-in an UHL grow chamber

    So after a month of closed chamber ops, I noticed that the acrylic sheet was warping due to what I assume was differential temperature and the light fixture resting on it. This pulled up the corners and I could feel air flowing out. I have flipped the .177in sheet a few times and it just slowly...