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    Give Away FREE Veggie Seeds All Kinds!

    You bet! I'll get them shipped at the start of the week. :)
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    Give Away FREE Veggie Seeds All Kinds!

    It's the middle of March and not one single pack of seeds has been taken! What's going on ? ? ? ? I guess everyone has ordered enough seeds while at home waiting for COVID to end. But . . . if you have some garden space and you want FREE SEEDS, just post up here, then PM me and I'll send you...
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    Properties of alternative growth media

    I believe this is outdated information that has been passed around for a while. I imagine that when coco coir was first on the market, it was not washed as thoroughly as it is now. All of the coir I've used has resulted in good results for a variety of plants. I've used it with carnivorous...
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    What would you like to be able to bid on in the 2021 NASC auction?

    I'd bid on 20 to 100 plant tags, somewhere around there. :)
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    Give Away FREE Veggie Seeds All Kinds!

    EDIT: This is CLOSED. Thanks for looking! Free veggie seeds for you! Save money, grow your own food! To claim seeds you must: Be a TerraForums Member. Reply to this thread requesting the seeds you want. Private Message me with your shipping address (I'll cover shipping). Pick up to 4 seed...
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    What would you like to be able to bid on in the 2021 NASC auction?

    Here is the start of my "want" list. Keep an eye on this list as I'll be adding more things!! (3/7/21) Native ferns Small tropical ferns Ground orchids (Bletilla, Spathoglottis, Phaius, Gastrophaius, etc.) Jewel orchids Plant tags (yep, just normal plant tags) Eucalyptus tree (any fragrant...
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    Excited for the NASC Auction!!!

    Thanks!!!! Super excited! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some things I'm looking for: Eucalyptus tree, Boswellia sp, Bursera sp, Commiphora sp, Ferns, Ground Orchids, Jewel Orchids, Plant tags (yep, just normal plant tags), and . . . I'll add more soon. :D EDIT...
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    Properties of alternative growth media

    To add an update . . . I've been growing Cape Sundews (Drosera x 'Hercules') in a mix of ground Coco Coir and Perlite for about a year. I gave away the smaller plants but the one I kept has grown big. So, Drosera x 'Hercules' does not need peat or sphagnum moss to live and thrive. With...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Drosera Capensis Seeds

    Hey! I don't know if you've found your 500+ sundew seeds, but if you haven't, I'd suggest requesting them for the NASC Auction held on our forum in May. I imagine the "auction request" thread will go up soon. Either way, good luck! :D
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    Give Away Giveaway - D. allantostigma gemmae

    I'm not requesting any, but such a spectacular give-away!!! High-Five to you Bluemax!
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    ID Pumpkins!

    Thanks, hopefully their seeds will make more pumpkins like that for some of our members! I'm guessing the light orange one might be "Porcelain Doll", the white one may be "Valenciano" and the green one may be "Jarrahdale". But I'm only guessing . . .
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    ID Pumpkins!

    Green: And here is the whole group (that the above pumpkins came from) for size reference: Thanks! :D
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    ID Pumpkins!

    I collected seeds from several pumpkins this past October. I'll have a "give away" for most of the seeds, but first, I need to know what type of pumpkins they are! The pumpkins were acquired from several sources, some from grocery stores and some from plant nurseries. Please ID! :) Pale...
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