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  1. theplantman

    Carnivorous Plants Workshop, May 14th, Athens GA

    Hi folks, It's that time again! For those of you in Georgia or willing to make it to the Athens area, I will be teaching the 3rd annual growing carnivorous plants workshop at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 9AM to 1PM. It counts for...
  2. theplantman

    About to butcher a massive N. maxima, cuttings for trade

    Hi all, We've got a ginormous N. maxima encroaching on the Sarrs, and I assure you that the Nepenthes is going to lose the fight for space here. It's going to get some love that only a pair of pruners can give. The clone was purchased in the 90s from Wistuba by a friend of mine. I've been...
  3. theplantman

    FT: Black Wattle, Acacia melanoxylon

    Hi folks, Up for trade are two Black Wattle or Acacia melanoxylon plants, grown from seed provided by Randy Story. They're displayed above but will be bare-rooted for shipment. These are botanically quite interesting because they produce wonderful feathery leaves like a Mimosa as well as...
  4. theplantman

    Pitcher/Flower season has begun!

    Hi all, Just reporting in from Georgia, where it appears that once again the plants in the teaching collection are breaking dormancy. Dare I say they might be the earliest pitchers and flowers yet in the northern hemisphere? Invariably, 2-3 weeks after the solstice all taxa in the collection...
  5. theplantman

    ID HELP REQUESTED: Tropical Fruits Galore

    Hi folks, An enterprising young college kid harvested a few neat tropical fruits from the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and brought them to me at the greenhouses. He picked based on "ooh-that's-cool" and wasn't sure of the names. Reminded me of my intensive "plant liberation" phase when I...
  6. theplantman

    Documentary: Secrets of the Longleaf Pine

    This is a fantastic documentary on the longleaf pine ecosystem!! It features Sarracenia at 39:35, but also many significant conservation issues within this ecosystem, such as gopher tortoises, indigo snakes, and the red-cockaded woodpecker. My friend Will Rogers, who does research with...
  7. theplantman

    Dung-Beetle-Dispersed Seeds!

    Plant seeds look, smell like poop?fooling dung beetles into planting them | Science/AAAS | News
  8. theplantman

    Upcoming CP Class, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Sept 5th!

    Hi guys! I just wanted to spread the word that the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, AL will be having an upcoming workshop on carnivorous plants. The workshop, which falls on Sept. 5th, is a 4-hour introduction to CPs. The instructor will be yours truly, and for the most part it's...
  9. theplantman

    D. rotundifolia summer dormancy?

    Hi folks, Got a strange problem with some D. rotundifolia I'm growing from Brasstown Bald (Towns/Union counties, Georgia). One of only 2-3 reported locations for this plant in my state, not currently in cultivation, and I'd hate to lose 'em. Two years old, just flowered and are hopefully...
  10. theplantman

    Nepenthes bicalcarata 1 week away from blooming,

    Hi all, Out of sheer luck, our 5-year-old N. bicalcarata has decided to create its first flower stalk ever! The buds are still too primordial to sex the plant, but it appears to be a male inflorescence. I am willing to send pollen--not particular at all what it gets crossed with--for a cut of...
  11. theplantman

    Solanopteris brunei media?

    Hi guys, Just got ahold of a Solanopteris brunei (S. American antfern genus). I have a rough idea of what to pot it in but was wondering if anyone has (1) cultivated this before and (2) has a successful mix. I pot Lecanopteris in a blend of my orchid mix and ordinary nursery mix. I imagine...
  12. theplantman

    Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge is now our newest NWR, protecting many species

    From the USFWS: We'd like to welcome Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge as our newest refuge in North Carolina! It's officially America's 563rd National Wildlife Refuge and will protect some of Appalachia’s rarest places for wildlife. Some of the species Mountain bogs will provide a home for...
  13. theplantman

    Great Article on US Conservation Priorities

    This is a great article, the gist of which (in my words only) is that the conservation priorities in the US are mismatched with the needs of our biodiversity. Essentially, we have this strange situation where most of our preserved lands/habitats are in the western US. And of course, most of our...
  14. theplantman

    New Sarracenia Family Tree Research, from UGA and ABG

    Some of the folks I work with have finally published their research on the Sarracenia family tree. I have been holding off on sharing details on this research forever and can't contain my excitement any longer! I know almost all of the authors personally (folks from UGA and the Atlanta...
  15. theplantman

    D. filiformis "Florida All Red" Winter Hardiness

    I am wondering what the lowest "kill temperature" is for D. filiformis "Florida All Red." If I could keep these plants outside, I would be able to free up a significant amount of greenhouse space at home. I know they don't *need* a dormancy, but if the temps are low enough would they be forced...
  16. theplantman

    Need Ceph Cotyledon Photo

    Hi guys, I've got some cotyledons I am unfamiliar with coming up in a pot of Ceph seeds I am hoping to germinate. The timing is right and they were the only seeds in the pot, so I think I may have gotten some germination. I've never germinated this species from seed, so I'd love to see photos...
  17. theplantman

    Flower Watch 2015!

    ....aaaand they're off! S. alata (UGA clone) This is a 20+ year old clonal colony. The pitchers are sexy after they mature, but until then they're a little weird and wavy this year. It may be that I need to refresh the media.
  18. theplantman

    A Historic Year for Flytrap Conservation

    Poachers are being charged with felonies for attempting to steal ~900 flytraps from a preserve in NC. This is the first enforcement of the state's new flytrap felony law. http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20150105/ARTICLES/150109898/0/fast?p=1&tc=pg...
  19. theplantman

    Top 10 Favorite Drosera!

    That's right. Your top 10 favorites. Period. Species, hybrids, cultivars, varieties, regardless if you possess them or not. Info on why (or not). I'm not much of a rule creator or follower. and.....GO! 1) Drosera gigantea 2) Drosera lanata 3) Drosera regia 4) Drosera...
  20. theplantman

    Top 10 Favorite Sarracenia

    Can include species, hybrids, cultivars, specific clones, and any reasons why. And..... GO! 1) 'Adrian Slack' 2) x umlauftiana 3) 'Chagall' 4) x excellens 5) 'Leah Wilkerson' 6) rubra "Ancestral form" 7) flava var. ornata 8) 'Red Sumatra' 9) 'Night' 10) flava var. rubricorpora