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    Binata mutating into a multifada?

    I have a drosera binata that has been growing very well for several months.. In the past couple of weeks, the newest growth has begun to branch into more than the simple 2-pronged fork as it has since I got the plant The first couple of blades looked odd and irregular... one branch would look...
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    Looking for Sensitive Plants (seeds or whatever!)

    I don't really have anything worth trading I'm afraid... but if any generous forum members have Mimosa Pudica seeds or plants they'd like to share, I'll take back all of the bad things I ever said about you! :-D
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    Anyone know anything about these products?

    http://amhydro.com/hobby/dEnergy.html http://amhydro.com/hobby/superNova.html It doesn't look like something to be used for CPs, but I figured I'd ask a few of the terraforums experts...
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    Highland and Lowland neps in same tank?

    I have a 55 gallon tank and want to add a few more neps to my collection The temps in the terrarium range from the mid-to-high 60's inthe evening to the low-to-mid 80's during the day. I have a ventricosa in there that is doing great. It seems like this temp range is kind of right in the...
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    At what point is a nep a lost cause?

    I just recently got back into collecting CPs... I'd been gone too long! Now I have a great 55 gallon tank set up as well as several window sill plants. I have 4 neps: 1) Nepenthes Masagascariensis 2) Nepenthes Judith Finn 3) Nepenthes ventricosa 4) An unidentified highlander Problem is, I am...
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    Capensis help

    i have 4 capensis (1 of each form) in my 55 gallon tank... they sit right next to my d. adelae which are thriving... however, all of my capensis are struggling. the dont stay particularly 'dewy' and the flowering stalk are turning brown/ black before the can flower. i thought these were...
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    Worms in my plants?

    i received a bunch of plants by mail, including 4 different varities of cape sundews and 3 different varieties of flytraps. i noticed a day or so later that there are lots of tiny, earthworm-looking worms floating in the tray water. they must have come with the plants because i am keeping them...
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    Flytrap life expectancy

    if a venus flytrap is well cared for, how long can you expect it to live? what about the other cp's (butterworts, sundews, etc) for that matter?
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    darlingtina struggling

    my cobra plant, when i first recieved it, was growing very well.. since then, no new growth and the existing stalks are wilting... HELP! i keep it in a humid greenhouse, not too much direct light but plenty indirect light every day... i give it a bit of cool water every day (distilled of...
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    d. adelae

    if im keeping a couple of d adelaes on a windowsill in a small glass enclosure (totally sealed for humidity), is it possible that they will get too much direct light (really only 2 or 3 hours tops) or it will get too hot in the enclosure? i want them to get lots of light but dont want to dry...
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    sarracenia x "lady in waiting"

    anyone that can give me details on how to care for it lemme know! i think i pretty much know the basics about care but id like to see a pic if anyone has one...
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    filiformis "red"

    i lost a couple of plants on shipping and the company has been nice enough to replace them. i asked for different plants of equal value and they are sending me, as a replacement for a d. capensis 'red', a d filiformis 'red'... can anyone tell me about it? id like to see pics if anyone has...
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    i know that mimosas are touch sensitive and react to being touched or shaken. but ive noticed a very odd behavior in mine and wanted to see if any of you have experienced it... while i sit and watch the plant, it sways from side to side slowly. its not a result of being touched or shaken or a...
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    d. adelea terrarium question

    im hoping some of you cp experts can give me a hand in getting my sundews into shape... i keep several d. adelea in a 20 gallon terrarium that is kept between 70 and 80 degrees. i also keep the terrarium so humid that the glass is fogged. the light source for the terrarium are 2 2-foot...