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    Large Traps :p

    Hi Venus, None of the pics on your website are coming up. Can anyone else see them?
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    A second flower?

    It's actually really annoying when it puts up several flower stalks! I've had to cut four off my red dragon (my most flourishing plant). It makes me think that maybe it is trying to tell me something...
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    Too Big?

    Hi, I wouldn't recommend poking around until you hear roots snapping... might not be too favourable to your plants! Bear in mind that your plants may have their growth limited if there isn't enough space for their roots to develop. It looks to me that your plants could do with repotting into...
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    Green scales on the peat

    Hi, Its the first stages of moss growing on the perlite, give it a few weeks and it will spread onto your 'soil' and become proper moss eventually. The moss is fine as long as it doesn't swamp your plants, be careful of mould developing though.
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    Uh oh! I'm getting a craving for VFT pics!..

    Hey moderator (Statik2426), How much are they paying you to flog thir plants??? Do you receive commission!!! You'll soon be a regular little Delboy! "You know it makes sense"
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    Organic way to get rid of aphids?

    My d. aliciae has an infestation of aphids, unfortunatly they have all gathered in the centre of the rosette and are hiding on the underneath of the leaves I have picked off the adult ones with tweezers, but there is too many little ones (and eggs as well! ). I have separated it from the rest...
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    What do I do?

    Your purchasing questions depend on where you live. If you live in the US you can get a small terrarium and the shagum peat moss from this site, look at the accessories section. If you are in the UK, homebase sells peat moss (only place I could find it) and a lot of people use aquariums and...
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    Episode 2

    I saw it on the weekend here in the UK. It was quite good but I was disappointed with the actor playing Anakin, McGregor wasn't as good as Obe Wan Kenobi as he was in the 1st one Yoda's matrix style play was a bit of a joke/laugh rather than a serious confrontation :biggrin: There needed to...
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    Too much light?

    The leaves are wider in spring and autumn to capture as much sun as possible (the sun is not so intense in spring/autumn), and in the summer when the sun is at its fullest intensity the leaves become long and spindly (there is no need to have wide leaves as the plant captures enough sunlight...
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    Dew has disappeared

    I have rescued a Drosera Aliciae from a garden centre as it's co-plants were already dead, and it was clinging onto life. It was very dry when I got it and had no dew on the leaves at all. I have repotted it (as there turned out to be 4 plants in the one 3" pot) and it is looking much...
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    Nepenthes Hamata

    Thanks for the info people, I went to a garden centre and saw a Drosera Aliciae just waiting to dry up and die, so I decided to rescue it. So it has taken the Nepenthes Hamata's place! The drosera was a double plant in a tiny pot, I got it home repotted it and in the process found 2 baby...
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    Favourite Songs...

    Bit of a mix, but its all top quality (no specific order): Jamiroquai Prodigy Michael Jackson Simon & Garfunkel Paul Simon Paul Van Dyke As I said, a bit of a mix!
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    Which Vft is the best/easiest to grow

    I got a Red Dragon from Mike King about a month ago, it came with 4 traps and two developing leaves. Its now got 6 traps - 3 of them are 1.5", and 9 developing leaves... its going to be big (it is already 9" across!) My common VFT is struggling though... just a meager 3 traps and 1 developing...
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    I just got myself a new VFT

    The traps can start eating insects as soon as they open, it doesn't matter what colour they are. Once the trap has finished basic development it will start to open (from then on it can eat insects), bear in mind though that the trap will carry on growing even after it has opened up for the...
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    Letting the flower grow can cause a decrease in growth and death (extreme cases) of the VFT. If you want to cut it off (most people do I think) then just snip it off as close to the bottom as possible (but watch out for the new devloping trap )
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    wondering about dormancy

    I don't think you'd survive here in England, it is about 20 degrees celcius and this is getting towards summer temps... I dread to think what it's like for you in the summer!... I think I'd cook! I am figuring it is about late autumn for you at the moment, so you want the dormancy to cover the...
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    Two traps trapped water

    Howdy again DreyZ, doing the rounds as I am on a break at work :cool: I have an analogue humidity meter which cost me about £2.50 (Aus&#366.50), it is not as precise as a good digital one; about £15.00 (Aus&#3640.00), but the analogue one meets my needs Oh and I got it in a bog standard DIY...
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    I just got myself a new VFT

    In reference to the dome question, you can get plastic domes that fit on top of the pots, they are thin clear platic and may or may not have holes. You can also get solid glass bell domes that would probably be able to fit more plants under. They are more expensive though, and have no air...
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    I just got myself a new VFT

    I live in the UK, so conditions here are a bit different to what you experience... but here goes: 1. You can set up a terrarium (or a dome) to trap the moisture. There are several threads concerning terrarium set ups on this site. It is not that necessary to do this unless you have a dry...
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    Peat in the UK

    Most large DIY shops and garden centres don't sell it anymore... (i used to work in one) because of the environment etc. Homebase still do, its £3.69 a bag I think, it's the only place I could find it.