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    Sargassum fish

    Anyone have any experience with Sargassum frog fish in a reef tank? Have the opportunity to buy one from a local reefer and just wondered about tank mates etc? Thanks all.
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    WTB Dioscroea elephantipes

    Would like to buy a specimen size plant if possible. I would also be interested in trying some from seed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all.
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    nepenthes splendiana x mixta seed grown giveaway

    One of my down falls is im addicted to seeds. Doesn't matter much what kind I love the challenge. So imagine my situation when I found this site and discovered seeds and plants I had never heard of before!! As I mentioned in another giveaway I read about germinating and growing out Nepenthes...
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    Cephalotus giveaway

    I joined this forum almost a year and a half ago and have been welcomed from the start. I have been the recipient of many giveaways and have been given so many plants and seeds that my wife has about given up all hope . In an attempt to start to pay back some of the generosity that I have...
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    Advice needed on germinating cacti seed?

    I was recently gifted some Gypsicola x Kohres seeds as part of the NASC auction! I am really excited to try these and just want to hear everyones take on germinating these? I know nothing about germinating cacti and would like your help. Thanks in advance and wish me luck.
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    Bhut Jolokia seeds (jwalker $7)

    Up for consideration are 3 different varieties of ghost pepper seeds. Winner will receive several dried peppers of each variety, Red, Yellow and Carmel/Chocolate. Each will contain dozens of seeds. If you dare, they each have a distinct flavor...that is for a few seconds until the heat kicks...
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    Utricularia gibba

    OK I need some help... I'm relatively new to carnivorous plants and just when I think, OK I get this I run into something new! I was gifted a clump of utricularia gibba along with some other plants. Bottom line is I don't have a clue what to do with it! Please give me some starters? Thanks all.
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    What a surprise this morning. Got this Orchid for. 05 at an "antique" sale this summer. Wasn't even sure what it was till today. Still not sure what it is other than beautiful!
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    Bursera fagaroides (elephant tree) seeds

    I have been the recipient of many seed and plant giveaways, from some very generous people on this forum. So I would like to start to repay that generosity with a little seed giveaway. Up for giveaway is two packets of three seeds each of Bursera Fagaroides. I wish I had more seeds, but right...
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    VFT seed germinating

    I recently was the lucky recipient of some fresh vft seeds. I'm looking for the best way to sow these seeds? Do I need to stratisfy them like Sarrencia seeds or just sow them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Uncarina grandidieri Mouse trap tree

    Does anyone have any experience with this plant. I recently read about it and would like to aquire some seeds or a plant. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has grown this plant in a container type situation. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    Posting pictures

    I'm sure it's already been covered somewhere, but can someone tell me how to post pictures. Thanks and sorry for the newbie question.
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    Hello from Michigan

    Hello all Found this site today. I got my first nepenthes a year or so ago. I am big time hooked.! Looking forward to learning all I can. Ray