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  1. M Jacobs

    Veitchii X tm thread

    Here are some pics of my plants most recent pitcher. If you have a clone I would love to see pics! Veitchii Hl x tm from EP: Untitled by Mitchell Jacobs, on Flickr
  2. M Jacobs

    looking for lowii x truncata, lowii x veitchii, veitchii x tm

    Offer closed for now. If you have a veitchii x tm feel free to contact me.
  3. M Jacobs

    Lowii x boschiana

    Figured that I would post a few pics of a new pitcher. This plant had an odd sudden die back and was left with a tiny basal about three years ago. Now it is settled in nicely and I can't wait for it to reach uppers as the pitchers are gaining more hairs under the lid and the mouth is starting to...
  4. M Jacobs

    Ceph with coffee

    I have long wondered if cephs would be compatible with coffee as a fertilizer (not trying to restart the old argument just something for fun). So I decided to give it a go with the few cephs I have. The first one has had a good increase in speed of growth and the second made a much larger...
  5. M Jacobs

    Interesting cutting

    Last year I acquired a tenuis cutting in a trade with a fellow member. I cut it into two separate cuttings. The growth tip fell victim to the graveyard and the other cutting I made seemed to be going the same way. After seeing the top growth point swell I figured it would be good to go. However...
  6. M Jacobs

    lowii x sabre Dark cherry

    Hello All, I wanted to start a thread about this hybrid. However, I haven't seen to many pictures of it recently unfortunately. So I have decided to start a thread of my newly acquired one and hopefully others will jump in with theirs as well. Pic taken Saturday Nov, 29: 2014-11-26...
  7. M Jacobs

    Quick hamata Question

    I recently received a few hamatas from Wistuba. One of them has a blackening leaf on it that has me slightly worried. I believe that it is just tissue damage from the trip as it appeared to be blackening when I first received it. The growth appears to be progressing on it. My other hamatas are...
  8. M Jacobs

    Importing from AU

    So after much research on previous threads about importing plants nepenthes hybrids from EP, I think I have everything down but would like conformation still. Also if i am not aloud to talk about companies other than flytrapshop then if possible could the mods just delete the thread. I need...
  9. M Jacobs

    Edwardsiana Companion question

    I am looking forward to one day getting an edwardsiana, but with the expensive price tag that is associated with it I would like to try to grow a more common and less expensive plant with similar requirements first. I have read that burbs are commonly grown with them but was curious as to what...
  10. M Jacobs

    M Jacobs Photo thread

    Figured I would start my own photo thread for people to see and for myself to keep track of my plants progress. lowii x boschiana image by majaco10, on Flickr lowii x boschiana rooted basal image by majaco10, on Flickr More basals on the mother lowii x boschiana coming up image by majaco10...
  11. M Jacobs

    lowii x boschiana, caesar, cephs

    I have a cut basal of lowii x boschiana starting to send out roots, a nep Caesar, and typical cephs with adult pitchers up for trade. I would like to hold onto the cephs till they get larger. I am looking primarily for nepenthes hybrids with lowii in them but let me know if you have something of...
  12. M Jacobs

    Regia Help

    Recently I received a drosera regia root cutting and potted it up in a mixture of 1:1 perlite dead LFS. The plant has not done well in the 9 days that I have had it since shipping. Its temps are 82 high and about 70 low. Humidity is probably 75 % minimum (The hygrometer I had broke.) I have had...
  13. M Jacobs

    Potential trade

    I have a nepenthes Caesar that I am contemplating trading. I have more intermediate to highland conditions and as a result has stayed roughly the same size for many years. I also have a unrooted basal of a nepenthes Lowii x Boschiana that I am also thinking about trading if I can get something...
  14. M Jacobs

    unrooted predator cutting

    Hi i have a nepenthes predator cutting im looking to make it will make about two to four depending on how many nodes you like in your cuttings, it is a select predator from ep i bought about a year plus ago. I am interested in the black truncatas(larger ones would be perferable Q x K what im...
  15. M Jacobs

    Show your lowii x boschiana

    I havent seen many pics for this plant and was hoping if people could post some pics of their plants ill try to get some of mine up later as well. Thanks
  16. M Jacobs

    which would you rather have

    which would you rather have a lowii x truncata or a lowii x veitchii. and does anyone have pics other than the ones on the carn plant photo finder, and also if someone has both which is easier and quicker. thanks mitchell
  17. M Jacobs

    nepenthes miranda pollen

    i have an nepenthes miranda ive never had a nepenthes flower before so i assume its male because every other nepenthes miranda has been a father. so i will get some pics up just to make sure pm with offers we'll split the seeds 50/50. thanks
  18. M Jacobs

    ceph help

    i recently got a ceph hummers giant and i'm worried with its rapid decline of my plant. My conditions are it's under lights for 16 hours a day, Humidity 80 percent, water about every two to three days but i might have let it get a little dry one time so now i have a small tray under it and will...
  19. M Jacobs

    how to import into the usa from australia

    i was wondering what permits i need in order to import. I think there may be only two that i have to get. Thanks.
  20. M Jacobs

    Nep pics

    Nepenthes copelandii Lowii x boschiana my personal favorite because it's almost black in person. hamata recently recovered Predator snapped the vine almost completely through and tied it back up do you think it'll be good like that. and an attempted air cutting on top I took before I...