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  1. billylh

    anyone with a chinese water dragon?

    On the 4th we bought a juvenile water dragon(about 10 inches with tail) from Petsmart since they were on weekend sale for $19.99. I'm thinking of building a much bigger cage for him/her but am wondering if there is anything special I need to do? I can find alot of information about water...
  2. billylh

    who can id this guy?

    Its body is about an inch long and with legs stretched out i'd say about 3 or more inches . Sits about a half inch high off the ground. We're really curious if it's some type of tarantula. It was found on our property here in central Texas. Anyone got a clue? ??? Thanks, ~billy
  3. billylh

    digital 1000w mh ballast

    I was given a 1000w digital MH ballast for my previous plans for a LL Nepenthes grow chamber when I was in Houston but now have no use for it. I figure I'd put an offer up to see if anyone here is interested in it. The offer is for US only and I'll pay shipping since its fairly small and light...
  4. billylh

    job :)

    some of you may have seen me ranting on about a job opportunity that ive been waiting to hear back from. well, i got it!! Pedernales Electric Coop(PEC, https://www.pec.coop), as computer operator, start this coming monday and with full benefits from day 1, they're HQ'd in Johnson City, TX...
  5. billylh

    replacement sarracenias

    looking to replace my now deceased red tube flava and ladies in waiting, or trade for any Sarrs that I dont already have. Dont know the reason why they died since all my others are doing pretty good but I would love to get a hold of another. i got some neps I can part with and not much else...
  6. billylh

    an idea

    is there anyway to have a rating system put in place for users on this forum? i realize the deadbeat traders list is there but doesnt really allow other users to rate the people you trade with. something like on the side under the avatar or the likes, it would be pretty nice and allow people...
  7. billylh

    Chicken manure...

    I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on chicken manure with Sarracenias? I know it's supposed to be good for veggies and other fertilizable(made up word :)) plants. Not that I am purposely giving them chicken manure, I just can't be around every minute of the day to stop the chickens from...
  8. billylh

    looking to swap

    well i got some Nepenthes that I want to get rid of and would like to swap them for some various Sarracenias not on my list. PM me if interested, they are decent size, nothing spectacular, ill get pictures if needed. US only please, it would be nice to do it all in one go to keep down on costs...
  9. billylh


    looks like ill be moving to the middle of Texas(Dripping Springs) at the end of this month. No rhyme or reason other than being sick of the big city and its crime. ill be taking my small collection of cps hoping that the aquifer water wont do too much harm and the deer and longhorns dont chew...
  10. billylh

    D. omissa x pulchella gemmae

    got some gemmaes available for sase or sarracenia/ll nep seeds...anyway, have at it. edit: usa only please 1. 2. 3. ~billy
  11. billylh


    long story short, cat chewed on lamp cord and go electrocuted, no doubt about it, we found the cord. anyway, part of her tongue on the right side underneath is black now and swollen. we have already gone to the vet who didnt even look at our cat before trying to sell us a bunch of medication...
  12. billylh

    6 petal omissa x pulchella flower...

    i was just curious what this means? they're all kept outside, most of them flourish and do quite well...just this one plant i noticed.
  13. billylh

    50+ Darlingtonia californica seeds for trade

    well, these came as a freebie from my last plant order. I have had no luck with Darlingtonias so I'm putting these up for trade. I'm looking for Sarracenias. USA only please. ~billy
  14. billylh

    Drosera brevifolia [Hardin Co., TX] Seed Pack PlantAKiss $11, pd.

    Up for bid is a pack of D. brevifolia [Hardin Co., TX] seeds. There will be about 25 seeds in the pack. USA only bidding starts at $2. free postage. ~billy
  15. billylh

    Drosera burmanii seeds (2) - Cpt. Hamata $10

    Up for bid is a pack of D. burmanii seeds. There will be a couple hundred seeds in the pack. USA only bidding starts at $2. free postage. ~billy
  16. billylh

    Drosera burmanii seeds (1) alexdietrick $10

    Up for bid is a pack of D. burmanii seeds. There will be a couple hundred seeds in the pack. USA only bidding starts at $2. free postage. ~billy
  17. billylh

    Sarracenia seedling question

    How long should I let them grow before transplanting them into bigger pots? ~billy
  18. billylh

    1 year old Aristilochia fimbriata plants

    1 year old Aristolochia fimbriata plants i have about 3 of these yearlings i'd like to trade off. I'm interested in Sarracenias not on my list or lowland neps. Trade within continental U.S. The tubers will be dug up and shipped via USPS. picture: The catch: I cant send anything out for...
  19. billylh

    some pictures

    http://picasaweb.google.com/billylh/CPCollection3909430PM?feat=directlink let me know what you all think...not all my plants, but most of them ~billy
  20. billylh

    tax question related to company bankruptcy

    ok so for most of 2008 i worked for a business that basically went belly up after Hurricane Ike. well, even before that they were doing pretty bad as they started to hold out on paying invoices and giving me excuses. now since they've filed chapter 11 bankruptcy i have not heard from them or...